Powell Reflects on Home Visit and FSU Game

The Florida coaches are out on the road, visiting recruits in their homes. One of the first stops for Linebackers Coach DJ Durkin and Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn was Largo, Florida, home of 2012 linebacker commitment Jeremi Powell. The coaches were greeted by Powell, his mother, brother, sister, and uncle, along with some other family and close friends.

"It's like a movie," Jeremi Powell said. "When I used to watch tv, coaches would go over to players houses. It's cool. Hollywood."

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound linebacker said they talked about next year at Florida, grades, and school, but the night wasn't all business.

"They were looking at all the baby pictures of me, my mom had to pull them out," he said. "The night before my mom was cleaning up the living room and she was putting my pictures up everywhere."

Amid rumors Coach Durkin may be joining Urban Meyer's staff at Ohio State, Powell said he was trying not to think about it, but it had crossed his mind. He asked Coach Durkin about it the day before the visit.

"He said it was just a rumor, but Mark (Pantoni) left, so I'm thinking (about it). I mean, it's all about business. The only coach I really do know is Coach Durkin," he said. "Mark was my dog and he's gone now."

"I just tried to forget about everything and enjoy the moment."

Powell Reacts to Rivalry Loss

Powell sat in the stands and watched as the Gators fell to the Seminoles Saturday.

"It's tough that we lost, but the defense did pretty good, the defense did really good. It was the offense that was tripping."

As Florida finishes the regular season 6-6, many are discouraged with the state of the team right now. Powell said he's really not worried about it.

"I'm excited. People are talking bad about the Gators right now. They're the Gators, everybody wants to talk bad about the Gators because they're champions. Everyone has their down times," he said.

"I'm ready, I'm so ready to work out and earn a spot. I just wanted to play yesterday on the field," he said. "I hate watching football games because I can't play, I'm like ‘dang I wish I was playing.'"

Powell also had a chance to talk to big-time Florida prospect Avery Young, a 6-foot-5, 292-pound offensive tackle out of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

"We were talking about him being a Gator," Powell said. "He likes Florida."

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