FSU Coach Visits Fowler

Florda State DE Commit Dante Fowler Jr. got a visit from FSU Defensive Ends coach D.J. Eliot Friday. Fowler is often asked questions about how solid his commitment is to Florida State. He's recently said if he changed his mind, it would be to Florida. He wears lots of Gator shirts, visits Florida often, and talks to Gators coaches weekly, but none of that came up during the visit with coach Eliot.

Dante Fowler Jr. says Eliot didn't ask him about solidity of his commitment to Florida State.

"We sat down, talked, that's basically it. Talked to my dad about FSU, recruitment, stuff like that," he said. "It was fun because we went to one of my favorite restaurants."

"(We) Talked about what will happen when I get there, my life, what's going to happen when I leave my parents, stuff like that," Fowler said.

Tuesday, Fowler got his Under Armour All-American jersey. He'll be the first one from St. Petersburg to represent the area in the game.

"(It) Means a lot, (to be) the first Under Armour All-American in my area," Fowler said. "It feels good because my cousin, Chris Davis, he played for FSU, he was the first US Army All-American in St. Petersburg, and now I'm the first Under Armour All-American in St. Petersburg."

The Lakewood Defensive End says he's looking forward to finishing out his high school career in his hometown.

"It's exciting but it makes me nervous at the same time because I don't want to have a bad game in my hometown."

Fowler visited Florida for the Florida State game. He said he wasn't cheering for anyone, but he was wearing blue.

"It was a good game, a defensive battle," "It was good that the team I committed to won."

Fowler plans to visit Florida officially in January.

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