Gator Commits Staying True

It isn't out of the norm to worry about recruiting when there is a staff change. When that change involves a coordinator, the worry could be great and so could the change in the allegiance. Florida lost offensive coordinator Charlie Weis who moved on to be the head coach at Kansas on Thursday and with several offensive prospects in the balance, there seems to be no major shift to worry about.

With a big change in offensive philosophy from the previous Florida staff and this one, Will Muschamp and company have been trying to fill some voids on the roster with some star recruits that fit more of what they want to do.

Florida wants to get big and mean on the offensive line. They need power backs and tight ends that can play different styles. That won't change as Muschamp looks for an offensive coordinator that wants to teach the same style. So, keeping these top prospects on board is something the staff is set on doing.

By the sounds of it, this shouldn't be an issue. Using varying means of communication, via Twitter or text messaging, several of Florida's commitments chimed in on Weis' exodus out of Florida.

Boynton Beach monster lineman Jessamen Dunker told that he was, "100% Gator". While 5-star tackle commit D.J. Humphries said, "I'm not with all that de-committing BS, I stay true to my word and loyal to my squad."

Monster tailback Matt Jones of Seffner Armwood is a necessity in this class chimed in with, "(Weis) can do what he wants, I am still all Gator."

Receiver is a huge need for Florida and Citra North Marion baller Latroy Pittman says he is ready to be a Gator still. "Let's go do this," Pittman said via text Thursday.

Switching from a spread offense to a more traditional has been tough. Tight end is such a different position in the two schemes and getting a couple of really good ones has been a top priority.

The nation's second rated tight end Colin Thompson took some time to post on twitter his response for what is going on. "Sorry for not getting back to everyone tonight about Coach Weis leaving UF. I am happy for him and I wish him the best. Forever a Gator!!!"

The nation's top tight end was less than sure early on when he told, "I have no comment." But, Land o' Lakes monster pass catcher later told other sports venues that he was solid to Florida.

Even Florida's place kicker got into the fray on Thursday. Austin Hardin sent out a signal for all of his recruiting classmates. "We want people who care for this program and are doing everything to make it right like coach Muschamp is trying to do," he said via text.

Last but not least , four-star safety Marcus Maye wouldn't let the defense go quiet. He shouted out on twitter his love for the home of the Gators. "Gainesville for the weekend. Man I love that place. #swamplife or no life," he posted.

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