More College OC's to Look At

As Florida head coach Will Muschamp looks for possible offensive coordinators, it gives us a chance to look at some possible candidates. Earlier we took a look at two coaches that will definitely be on the radar. Jacksonville Univ. head coach Kerwin Bell and Florida interim offensive coordinator Brian White will get hard looks. Here is a list of several more college guys that might get a glance.

There is no real rush to sign an offensive coordinator at Florida. Will Muschamp is preparing his team for the Gator Bowl and a recruiting dead period starts next week when college bowl season starts. He has the rest of December to find his guy and then maybe more so.

If he signs a college coach up, here is a list of potential candidates not named Kerwin bell and Brian White.

AL BORGES (Michigan Offensive Coordinator)

Connection: He worked with Muschamp at Auburn during the 2006 and 2007 seasons as the offensive coordinator while Muschamp directed the defense.

Experience: He has 26 years of coaching experience including the Auburn stint, UCLA, Cal, and now at Michigan.

How it can happen?: Muschamp wants a hardnosed offense to match the style of defense he wants to play. I personally believe Borges is a bit too conservative for Muschamp's taste, but certainly someone he should consider in the process. Getting him from Michigan could be an issue even if Muschamp wanted him.

Why Not?: He's had two offenses ranked in the top 25 in the last 10 years. One was his 25th ranked offense at Auburn in 2004 and that was with two high first round pick running backs. He may be a little too conservative for Muschamp.

Dameyune Craig (Florida State QB's / Recruiting Coordintor)

Connection: Was a player at Auburn when Muschamp was a grad assistant at the school. Was a graduate assistant at LSU in Muschamp's last year (2004) then moved on to the Miami Dolphins with Muschamp in 2005.

Experience: Played for six years professionally. Limited coaching experience at quarterback, but has been tutored by a hand full of top coaches. Helped mentor Christian Ponder to first round NFL draft status.

How it can happen?: It may be tough to bring him as a lone coordinator, but add him with another for co-coordinator status and maybe that would be a non-lateral move he would make. Florida would pay more than FSU and his excellent reputation as a recruiter would be something that Muschamp would be very fond of. He is very SEC-centric with his career as well.

Why Not?: He may not have enough experience just yet and how much has he really coached quarterbacks? Will he be able to draw big name quarterbacks to Florida with his resume?

MIKE SHERMAN (Just released by Texas A&M)

Connection: Rival to Muschamp in his years as Texas' Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach in Waiting.

Experience: Six year head coach with the NFL's Green Bay Packers. Four years head coach at Texas A&M. Multiple years as offensive line coach and offensive coordinator in both the NFL and in college.

How it can happen?: If Sherman is going to get back to becoming a head coach again he is likely going to have to take a step down and work his way back. At Florida he would have to be brought in as an offensive line coach and certainly there is no vacancy there. But adding a guy like Sherman on the offensive side of the ball would allow Muschamp to go find a hot shot quarterback coach and give them a try. Sherman's offenses have usually been good ones and his Aggies finished 7th in the nation in total offense in 2011 with the ability to run and pass. Philosophically, it seems like a perfect fit.

Why Not?: Is Sherman willing to take that step down and continue his career? Does Muschamp know him at all enough to trust him? He is an offensive line coach and the Gators need to fill the quarterback coach void.

TOM ROSSLEY (Texas A&M QB's and Offensive Coordinator)

Connection: Rival to Muschamp in his years as Texas' Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach in Waiting.

Experience: Head Coach at Southern Methodist (2001-2006). Eight years of experience in the NFL including five as the offensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers.

How it can happen?: Good fit for Florida's position right now. He has been an offensive coordinator for very good offenses and philosophically runs what Muschamp wants to do. He coaches quarterbacks which is the position that needs to be filled. It would be a lateral move except he might be unemployed after the firing of Sherman at the school.

Why Not?: Biggest factor seems to be whether Muschamp knows him or would trust him. Everything else looks pretty good.

PHILLIP MONTGOMERY (Baylor Co-Offensive Coordinator and coaches RB's and QB's)

Connection: Coached at Baylor during Muschamp's entire stay at Texas, no idea if they know each other though.

Experience: 17 years of college experience including eight years of coordinator experience at the college level.

How it can happen?: Muschamp should like the fact that the guy coached up Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III and just how efficient the offense and Griffin was with the ball. Baylor finished second overall in total offense this year including 18th in rushing offense and fifth in passing offense. They are certainly balanced with those type of stats. He would come in and coach quarterbacks, exactly what is needed at the moment.

Why Not?: This guy is going to get looks everywhere. Again, does Muschamp know and would he trust him?

Wild Cards

GALEN HALL (Penn State Offensive Coordinator)

Connection: Offensive Coordinator under Charlie Pell and then head coach for five plus years at Florida)

Experience: more than 20 years of experience as an offensive coordinator in college football at Oklahoma, Florida, and Penn State. He also coached for nearly a decade in professional leagues not named the NFL.

How it can happen?: Will he be employed by Penn State next season? Will he want to? I realize that a lot of folks want nothing to do with the mess that is at Penn State, but Hall seems very unlikely to be associated with any of it. As mentioned in previous column, his style of offense that he ran at all three prominent schools is a perfect fit for what Will Muschamp is looking for. Hall was also blackballed from college football of sorts because of single child support payment he helped a player with and there are many that feel he was wronged. I am not saying Florida owes him anything, but and offenses went backward at UF under probation and with some bad coordinators he hired, but he recruited the likes of Shane Matthews to be the next quarterback and didn't get to coach him much.

Why Not?: Galen is a favorite of mine, but he is getting up there in age. I doubt Muschamp knows him very well. His persona would offer an easy fit in my opinion as he would not scrap with anyone.

TOMMY BOWDEN (unemployed in football)

Connection: Was the offensive coordinator at Auburn while Muschamp was a GA at the school in 95-96.

Experience: 12 years of head coaching experience at Tulane and Clemson. Bowden also had nine years of experience as an offensive coordinator in college football.

How it can happen?: Bowden would have to want to resurrect his coaching career and get out of television. There is no doubt that he had very successful offenses at Tulane and some at Clemson as well. For as much as he didn't ever win the ACC he finished second almost every year and was in position to win the conference.

Why Not?: He's never been a quarterback coach. In his last eight years at Clemson, only four of his offenses finished in the top 30 in the country.

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