Two Decisions To Make

For quarterback/ shooting guard <B>Cornelius Ingram</B>, he has two tough decisions to make, what school and what sport?

When it comes to two-sport stars, the Class of 2004 has their share. At the quarterback position, recruiting folks talk about Rhett Bomar from the Lone Star State and his football and baseball exploits. In the Sunshine State, they talk of quarterback Cornelius Ingram, who also doubles as a shooting guard for Hawthorne High School (25 points per game last season) and the Tallahassee Wildcats. Ingram, 6-5 and 205 pounds, is one of the most coveted signal callers in the nation.

"May was pretty exciting," Ingram said. "It was cool and not that bad at all. I was kind of expecting everything that happened, the calls and coaches at the school. I am enjoying the process so far."

If you are a college and want to sign Ingram you had better allow him to play both sports. That's the only way he would even consider your school. As for now, there are many schools that have done just that.

"I have about thirty offers so far. Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Syracuse, Michigan State, Louisville, Wake Forest, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Clemson and NC State are some of the schools that have offered me and I can play both sports at those schools. Georgia, Georgia Tech, FSU, Florida, Miami, North Carolina, Tennessee, Syracuse, Louisville and Michigan State are some schools that I am looking at. I am open and everyone is talking good."

Last season as a junior, Ingram threw for over 1,500 yards and rushed for over 500 yards. All told, he accounted for 15 touchdowns.

"I can throw the out and I can throw the ball down field. I can get away from defenders. I have a strong arm and I can run."

So in all actuality, Ingram has two tough choices to make in the near future, what school and what sport?

"I am looking at the offenses and when I can play or get a chance to compete. I will get in there and work, so playing time will be a factor. When I go to school, I will play both sports, although I want to make a living at one. I think I will know by my sophomore year as to which sport I will pursue (long term). Sometimes now I wish I could just concentrate on one. I know I could be that much better but I hold my own in both very well. My goal is to pick the one that will give me the best future."

Ingram will have a busy summer playing hoops with the AAU Wildcats. They will play in tournaments in Las Vegas, Savannah and Orlando. In addition, he will camp at FSU's football camp and may attend Florida's.

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