Salt is a Gator

Junior Salt committed to Florida at the end of his official visit on Sunday. The Mount San Antonio lineman found a perfect fit after spending the weekend in Gainesville.

"I just committed to Florida," Junior Salt Said. "I am so happy and excited right now it just feels great to be a Gator. It felt right after meeting the coaches, players and seeing the town it just felt like home."

The offensive and defensive coaches will fight for his services in Gainesville.

"Wherever they need me it doesn't matter if its on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. Its a great opportunity on both sides of the line of scrimmage. My preference is at defensive tackle but its going to be open to see where they need me the most. I want to come in and make a name for my self at Florida. I want to compete against the best. Coming from JUCO its not the SEC but we played a ton of ranked teams each week. Playing in this league will make me better competing with the best."

Bryant Young:

"Coach young played the position and with some guys that I know of. He knows what it takes to get to the next level and has great experience. Its nice knowing he knows what it takes and understands what to do to be successful in the league."

Running backs coach Brian White has done a masterful job recruiting in a short time with the Gators and this was more of the same.

"Coach White is really good friends with my head coach and they have known each other for a while. That's how florida found out about me, coach White gave them my film. When they watched the film they were amazed at my strength and how physical I was while being light on my feet for a guy my size. The offensive/defensive staffs will fight it out for me but the most important part is that I'm a Gator. I am coming in June because I have a few classes I need to take care of right now. I don't really want to take trips I just want to focus on school and get to Florida."

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