Floyd Chose Florida for the Program

While the Florida matchup with Ohio State has drawn a ton of questions about the former head coach of the Gators, according to most of the players, it was the program that drew them in. Ask Sharrif Floyd and he will tell you straight up it was the entire program that he knew he wanted to be a part of in Gainesville and Ohio State finished a distant second.

Sharrif Floyd came in with a rock star recruiting class in 2010 and so far what remains of that class hasn't disappointed. Floyd was rated the top defensive tackle in the country in 2010 and came top Florida for the opportunity to play in the best football conference in American and for a chance to play early. He spurned Ohio State in the end because he just loved Florida.

"It was my second choice," he said of the Buckeye program. "I came here for the program, just in general the program."

Now, he gets to play against Ohio State and Floyd is really looking forward to it.

"That is what I am more excited about, playing my second choice," he said of the game coming up on January 2. "I can't wait. Me and (OSU sophomore defensive back) Corey Brown had a couple of conversations and it wasn't too pretty. We are good friends. I know his older brother and we have a good relationship. We talk trash to each other."

Floyd never sweated Urban Meyer taking the head coaching job at Ohio State. The former Gators head coach left a sour taste I a lot of fans and players mouths for taking the job only a year removed from retiring from Florida with health issues, but Floyd holds no animosity.

"A lot of guys on the team have their own opinions on things," he said. "Personally, I think it is good for him. He is going to do what is good for him. There are no hard feelings. If I see him I would shake his hand and carry on a conversation. That is the name of the game and it could happen anywhere. Congrats and good luck to him."

Floyd actually views this all as a positive experience.

"I have had two defensive coordinators and two defensive line coaches since I have been here, but for me I get to learn more and something else," he said. "I am learning more each time. I don't want my coach to keep changing, but you learn more from each coach because they teach different."

He also has a better understanding of the teammates and people around him. A lot of teammates have moved on for various reasons and some of that has to do with the staff that moved on.

"I think through all the adversity, you learn not only football wise, but you learn who cares and who is in it for the team," Floyd said. "It is bad, but not all bad. You learn from it and keep moving forward."

The team is preparing for Ohio State and will have more practice time in anticipation of this game than any other on the schedule. Floyd knows they have to stop the Buckeyes young and talented quarterback.

"We've pretty much been watching Ohio State and putting in our game plan," Floyd said. "Braxton Miller is a good athlete. He wants to run the ball, but passes when he has to. We have to just keep the edge… if you lose it he is gone."

Forget about this 6-6 season. Floyd believes this Ohio State game, at least for the defense will be a prelude of what to expect from this Gators' defense in 2012.

"I think what we will try to establish in this game is how we will be next year, the type of team we will be and what we are going to bring to the table," he said. "There are no more excuses now. You have to learn your craft and learn your game."

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