T'was the Week Before the New Year

In the spirit of the season. "Hollywood Bob" Redman gives his take on the state of the Florida football program and does it in holiday style. We hope you enjoy this and we here at FightinGators.com hope each and every one of you have a very happy and prosperous holiday and new year. And until then, we will be bringing you as much Gator information as we can continue to do.

T'was the week before the New Year
And all through Hogtown;
The Gators were all bummed
Most with a frown.

It wasn't a great season
Nor even good;
Florida fans were out plotting
Like ‘Boys in the Hood'.

Their last leader they trusted
When he said he was sick;
But some think he was just pulling
One humongous sick trick.

He bolted up north
Where nuts are the king;
Far away from these Gators
Whose bite just may sting.

He left a short roster
Some talent but thin;
Then jumped to a new ship
To win the Big-10.

Now he must wait;
To go to a Bowl;
At least another year
Before he can crow.

Those nuts better hope
By the end of next year;
He still has it in him
To find that next gear.

But alas, he moved on
And the Gators have too;
Muschamp at the helm
And a question or two.

A misguided lesson
He learned on offense;
To trust a guru
Not ‘Wise' but dense.

Every week he tried
To reinvent the wheel;
And cost us games
And a warm fuzzy feel.

But, in the true spirit of giving
The guru did leave;
To the land of Dorothy and Toto
To coach his make believe.

The ‘Champ' can breathe easy
For a one year mistake;
His defense will roll in '12
While his offense takes shape.

And by chance if he gets
An offense that rolls;
We will probably know
For ‘whom the Bell tolls'.

But first there's a game
The one in Jax;
Against those nuts ‘fore mentioned
Another team in flux.

It looks close on paper
But they play in the Big-10;
And they still haven't bowled against the SEC
And come out with a win.

So, chalk one up for the good guys;
The ones that were jilted;
And look for the nuts
To become un-kilted.

And after the game
It's time to see stars;
As recruits name their future homes
And recruitniks get scars.

The Gators have holes to fill
And quite a few names on the floor;
From Young and Howard;
To Diggs and Agholor.

In the defensive trenches
They need a home run;
Jenkins, Bullard, and Williams are nice
But so is Fowler and Hamilton.

I am certainly not hitting
All of their names;
The board is much bigger
The necessity remains.

But, I feel it coming
This signing day class;
Will one day line them up;
And kick some ass.

In the meantime know something
Your leader is true;
He won't bolt for elsewhere
He is orange and blue.

He drives a pickup to work daily
And works all day long;
To make sure your program
Will again be quite strong.

He's rough around the edges
Something different from the last;
He has nothing to hide
Different from the past.

The Champ has a legacy
One he'd like to put to bed;
Of one of the things
He supposedly said.

You see he's a fan
Of those guys doing eighty;
The one's that haul goods
For you and your lady.

So when the cameras were on
You all were a sucker;
For what he really said was
‘Boom… brother trucker'.

Alas I am done
Telling my story;
My wish for all of you
Is much more Gator Glory.

And to remember this season
Of Holiday cheer;
And the very best hopes
For you and your Gators next year.

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