More offers for 2013 RB Adam Lane

2013 running back Adam Lane missed his entire junior season after breaking his fibula and dislocating his ankle in August, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming one of the top prospects in the state at his position. Lane has a lot of big schools wanting him, and he just picked up offers from Ohio State and Purdue.

Adam Lane said he's been talking to the Ohio State staff pretty often, that the Buckeyes are coming after him hard. The 5-foot-7, 200-pount running back said Florida and USF are also really working on him.

"I think they're all three great schools, I think the offense that they're running right now, I can fit in to either one of them, and the coaching staffs, they're all really good too, so it's kind of a hard decision," Lane said.

Lane said he talks to Florida coaches often, and he's developing a great relationship with them.

"Majority of the time, it's not even really about football, it's about life, how school is going, how my therapy on my leg is going," he said.

He's also hearing from South Carolina a lot, but he doesn't have any leaders at this point.

"I really don't have that one school yet. It's like one day I think this school is better, then the next day they just keep alternating, they're all kind of the same as of now."

Lane is the type of guy who can't sit still, even when he is injured. He couldn't play football all season, but he continued to work out and focus on rehab, and how his injury is completely behind him. Now that it's the offseason, he works out every day after school with a couple of friends. He lifts weights for a few hours, runs a few miles, and then does some football drills.

It's that intense work ethic that has helped make him such a coveted prospect. Still, he sees room for growth.

The thing I want to most improve on is my knowledge of the game. To know where everyone is at all times on the field," Lane said.

It'll be awhile before he makes a decision, but he recently decided he wants to early enroll wherever he goes.

"Me and my parents have been talking about that. It'll be a cool opportunity, I've been talking to my principle about it, I'll have to take a couple extra classes, but that's no biggie. It'll be an awesome experience to get to go there early and get to learn all the plays and different things before I start playing football," Lane said.

When choosing a program, there are a lot of factors that are important to Lane, but he's especially focused on academics, team chemistry, and how well he can fit into the team's running back scheme.

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