No Decision on Florida Staff Additions

Will Muschamp has to replace a strength and conditioning coach and an offensive coordinator / quarterback coach. He insists that a decision hasn't been made with either and that the decision will be made and announced after his Florida Gators play in the Gator Bowl on Monday. Muschamp talked about it and what he thinks of interim coordinator Brian White.

The rumors have been everywhere that Will Muschamp has hired strength coach Jeff Dillman to be his strength and conditioning coach. The IMG Academics head of strength training has a history with Muschamp at LSU back in the early 2000's and has proved himself at his alma mater Appalachian State with two national titles in football to go along with two Final Four teams he trained in men's n Women's basketball at LSU. When asked Dillman on Tuesday, Muschamp was adamant that no decision has been made.

"I haven't hired anybody," Muschamp said when asked about Dillman. "I have talked to a lot of people at the strength position and the offensive coordinator position and when I make the hire everybody will know. Nobody has been offered a job yet."

The offensive coordinator position has been a hot topic since Charlie Weis bolted for Kansas a few weeks ago.

":I still have people I want to talk to," Muschamp said. "I have talked to 6-7-8 people so far and more over Christmas. I will talk to more this week and after the bowl game.. I have never put a timetable on it because it is the best fit for Florida. I have talked to multiple people in both situations. I won't have a public search, their privacy is important to me too."

Interim offensive coordinator Brian White is certainly a candidate for the open position and Muschamp already knows a lot about the guy that coached the running back position this year even though he has taken on a lot of new responsibilities with his interim title.

"I don't know that I learned anything," Muschamp said of White since he has been in charge. "I know he is a good football coach. It has just reassured my confidence in him as a football coach. He has done a nice job of preparing our football team. It's all about situational football and being prepared for those situations when they occur in the game. As a play caller you have a knack for that and was a play caller for Barry Alvarez at Wisconsin for about nine years and won a lot of football games. When you've sat in that role, it is a lot different than being in a role when you have never been in that situation. He has done that and that is exciting to me."

Muschamp sees advantages in White taking over for the bowl game with all his years experience in calling plays.

"I don't think there is any question from being a play caller for a long time and having someone in that room that has done it before," he said. Everyone has great ideas until they sit in that chair, then they understand the difference and see the big picture. There is no question his experience is very critical in the growth of our offense and to be a part of our offense moving forward"

Muschamp also intimated that White is a guy that runs a style offense that he endorses and wants to have at Florida.

"I like what we are doing offensively," Muschamp said. "We just have to be more productive. Brian's and Charlie's philosophies are about the same, but more importantly it is my philosophy on offense and that is where we are headed."

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