Bostic: Ready for Next Year

It was a defensive struggle against Ohio State in the Gator Bowl and something that senior-to-be linebacker Jon Bostic was ecstatic about. Florida won 24-17 and the defense showed up like it had almost the entire season. A late touchdown in the game made the score closer that the game seemed, but that couldn't take away what it meant to a bunch of guys on defense looking forward to next season.

Junior linebacker Jon Bostic was happy with the win over Ohio State and the way the defense delivered that they can play physical like the best that the Big-10 has to offer.

"It was good to come out with a ‘W', we wanted to come out and prove we were physical too," Bostic said shortly after the game. It proves just how much we can play. We had the time to focus on a couple of things we could focus on. The main thing we wanted to do was prove we were physical and we did that today. We wanted to prove we were just as physical as they are. Everybody was hyped up and real happy after the game."

The Florida defense is a young group. In the game they started seven underclassmen and only two seniors. Without the injury to sophomore Dominique Easley, the defense would have started 10 players that will return to play defense for Florida next season. It doesn't start there as the entire second team unit is underclassmen on defense. A lot of the first and second unit played in the game. For Bostic, it points to being things for this squad next season.

We talk about that a lot. We have a lot of guys coming back. So, a lot of guys are excited to get this thing underway," Bostic said of all the players returning. "With a lot of guys that went down on the defensive line, it gave guys like Leon Orr a chance to play and he went out there and played physical. It shows a lot of potential. We had a lot of guys roll in there on the defensive line and it shows just how many guys we have that can play on defense."

The eighth ranked total defense nationally believes they have something to prove next year.

"We want to prove we are one of the top defenses in the country," he said. "It starts now. We aren't going to wait until the summer time or until two-a-days. We have to prove it each and every day.

If these Gators can fix some turnover woes and get a few more themselves, Bostic thinks next year can be a good one for the orange and blue.

"I feel real comfortable we can turn everything around," he said. "We had some tight games and had some injuries, things really just didn't go our way. If you take those plays away it can be different."

One thing lacking in 2011 was leadership. The young guys on defense aren't going to be so young next year. Some are going to have to step up and be leaders. Bostic knows what it is going to take for him to help make the squad a better one.

"Just becoming more of a leader and bringing more guys on," he said. "We have a lot of freshmen coming in January and we need to bring them on. We are going to need each and every person."

These older guys will have to do it as a group.

"We can't have just one leader, everybody has to be able to lead and pick up each other," he said of the older guys. "I may have a down day, Jelani may have a down day, even someone on the defensive line and everybody has to be able to pick each other up."

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