Thompson at ‘Pease' with Decision

One of the bigger constants for Florida's 2012 recruiting class has been the absolute ‘commitment' Colin Thompson has paid to the staff and program at Florida. Through a tough season and a new offensive coordinator, the second rated tight end in the nation stood firm and resolute in his commitment. He finally visited officially and came away with ‘Pease' of mind about the decision.

The term commitment these days is such a loose word, especially in terms of high school athletes looking at colleges. That's why it is really refreshing to see someone of the caliber of Colin Thompson stick to his commitment and go further trying to help recruit to the program he now loves to make it better.

Thompson is a prototype tight end with size (6-4, 265), strength, and athleticism to play entrenched at the line of scrimmage or running down field to catch a pass. He could have taken his talents everywhere w3hen things changed so dramatically at Florida, but he didn't.

This weekend, he got to spend a great deal of time with new offensive coordinator Brent Pease and the meeting just help further solidify his connection to Florida as the place for him to be in college and play football.

"It just reaffirmed my choice of Florida," Thompson said of the visit he made. "I met Coach Pease and he is a great guy. He told me to win at Florida we are really going to have to run and told me how they want to use me in the blocking game and the receiving game. That was the biggest thing for me, meeting and getting to know Coach Pease. It was a normal trip down to Florida and it was my fourth time, so it was nice."

One thing he will remember from the trip was the modesty Pease presented after being such a hot commodity on the assistant coaching front as an offensive coordinator. Florida's head coach Will Muschamp told Thompson a little story to reaffirm that point.

"Coach Muschamp told me that Coach Pease come to practice and watch practice for the Gator Bowl and asked Coach Pease if he needed body guards," Thompson said. "Muschamp told me that Coach Pease responded, ‘I'm Brent Pease from Boise State, and nobody knows who I am.'

"It kind of blew me away that nobody knows who he is. Once you get to know him he is a really great guy. He is very humble, extremely soft spoken. He is the polar opposite of Charlie Weis. Coach Pease is a business man ready to do work and ready to do some things."

Thompson also got to meet the new strength coach and came away thinking that Jeff Dillman may very well be off his rocker a little bit, in a good way.

"Coach Dillman is very intense," he said. "He is crazy. He was real nice, but nuts when we went on the tour with him. He is just real intense and a go-getter guy."

Thompson also talked a little about his position coach, Derek Lewis, who was one of the prime recruiters.

"He is upbeat, outgoing, he is a details guy, tough and physical," Thompson said. "He is a details guy and played the position and I really like that. It is hard to get a tight end coach that played the position, so that is pretty neat."

Thompson was hosted on the visit by a couple of guys from up his way. Trip Thurman and Tommy Jordan are from Delaware and Connecticut respectively and the Warminster, Pennsylvania native has a lot in common with the two having grown up in the northeast and so close to those two.

"Trip and Tommy were my hosts for the weekend," Thompson said. "They are awesome, and definitely guys I will spend a lot of time with at Florida. Those are guys that I can relate with."

He also met up with future teammate and fellow tight end Kent Taylor. The nation's top tight end and Thompson the second ranked in the 2012 class, have become good friends through the recruiting process and even before either thought they might end up at Florida.

"I knew he was coming so I talked to him," Thompson said of Taylor. "He came with his girlfriend and we all went to the basketball game. When I ate dinner he sat and talked to me."

Rightly so, Muschamp and Thompson have developed a pretty good relationship. Muschamp has to love the loyalty his big tight end has shown and Thompson loves the fire inside his new head coach.

"It is just the fact that he and I are close," Thompson said of what he likes about Muschamp. "He looked into my eyes and impressed on me that we are going to do something special here at Florida. I am going to do whatever it takes and he knows I will do whatever it takes for us to be special. I think Coach Muschamp has done a great job of bringing in the right people, not just players."

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