Scrimmage Report: 2/8

Some of the more inexperienced arms got time on the mound in Wednesday's scrimmage as Florida continues to focus on trying to establish roles in the middle innings of the game.

Freshman right-hander Justin Shafer pitching:

Austin Maddox walked.

Casey Turgeon singled to right field, Maddox to second.

Mike Zunino grounded into a double play, third to first; Turgeon to second.

Connor Mitchell doubled to right-center field, Turgeon scored.

Jeff Moyer grounded out to the pitcher.

Sophomore left-hander Daniel Gibson pitching:

Mike Zunino walked.

Austin Maddox lined out to center field.

Casey Turgeon singled to right field, Zunino to third.

Cory Reid out on a squeeze bunt, Zunino scores and Turgeon to second.

Brandon Sedell grounded out to third base.

Shafer pitching:

Casey Turgeon flew out to center field.

Mike Zunino singled to left field.

Austin Maddox grounded into a double play, shortstop to second to first.

Gibson pitching:

Nolan Fontana flew out to center field.

Daniel Pigott walked.

Josh Tobias singled to left, Pigott to third.

Tyler Thompson singled to first base. The ball hit Tobias' foot on its way to the outfield, meaning he is out, Pigott must stay at third and Thompson is awarded first.

Brian Johnson pops out to third base.

Shafer pitching:

Sean Trent singled to third base.

Vickash Ramjit doubled to left field, Trent to third.

Taylor Gushue grounded out to second, Ramjit to third, Trent scored.

Cory Reid out on a sacrifice fly to left field, Ramjit scored.

Tyler Thompson reached on error by second baseman Casey Turgeon.

Inning called.

Gibson pitching:

Preston Tucker flew out to second base.

Justin Shafer walked.

Nolan Fontana grounded out to first, Shafer to second.

Josh Tobias lined out to shortstop.

Freshman left-hander Corey Stump pitching:

Taylor Gushue flew out to deep center field.

Connor Mitchell grounded out to first base.

Justin Shafer grounded out to third base.

Freshman right-hander Ryan Harris pitching:

Brandon Sedell singled to center field.

Cody Dent singled to left, Sedell to second base.

Brian Johnson homered to right field.

Vickash Ramjit struck out swinging.

Josh Tobias singled to left field.

Inning called.

Stump pitching:

Daniel Pigott singled to right field.

Justin Shafer lined out to center field.

Brian Johnson flew out to right field.

Vickash Ramjit flew out to left field.

Harris pitching:

Nolan Fontana walked.

Nolan Fontana to second on passed ball.

Preston Tucker flew out to right field, Fontana to third.

Cory Reid doubled to left field, Fontana scored.

Taylor Gushue walked.

Austin Maddox grounded out to second base.

Stump pitching:

Cody Dent singled on a bunt to second base.

Taylor Gushue grounded into double play, third to second to first.

Daniel Pigott popped out to second base.

Brian Johnson struck out swinging.

Harris pitching:

Mike Zunino fouled out to first base.

Austin Maddox flew out to deep center field.

Preston Tucker flew out to shortstop.

Nolan Fontana walked.

Casey Turgeon flew out to second base.


Justin Shafer has been strong this spring and that continued on Wednesday. I've talked about his bat a lot this spring, but I know the coaches are equally as impressed with his arm. He doesn't blow people away with his fastball, but he throws strikes and creates weak contact with his off-speed pitches. He also hit the ball well on Wednesday. He lined out to center field, and it almost went over Tyler Thompson's head because it kept carrying.

Gibson was good but his control continues to be an issue. Last year, he struggled to control his pitches in the strike zone and got hit hard. He's still missing over the heart of the plate and walking hitters. He has an arm capable of being a dependable pitcher if he can control his pitches. He gets good sink and his fastball runs in on the hands of left-handed hitters. I think he can be a quality left-handed specialist for the Gators this year.

Corey Stump was much better than I expected. He was inconsistent in the fall and has still shown some normal freshman struggles this spring, but he looked great on Wednesday. His fastball was upper 80s, and while his off-speed pitches gave him trouble early in the outing, he settled in and started to control them as the game went on. Seven of his ten outs recorded came in the air. I don't know how much he'll see the mound this season, but he's got a chance to be a starter.

Ryan Harris struggled to locate and got hit hard because of it. Florida head coach Kevin O'Sullivan was telling him to be aggressive with his off-speed pitches and throw them down in the strike zone. Once he did that, he threw two sliders by Mike Zunino. He's a freshman, and he'll have to adjust as the season goes on.

Josh Tobias had a good day at the plate, but his big moment came in the field. Justin Shafer chopped a ball into the ground and Tobias, at third base, took one step back and jumped high to catch the ball and throw to first. He has the "wow" moments most of the time you watch him play, and he'll make an immediate impact this year.

Brian Johnson's home run wasn't a cheap one. It went well over the scoreboard in right field. Taylor Gushue, Vickash Ramjit and Casey Turgeon were also impressive at the plate.


Justin Shafer: 2.2 IP, 4 H, 1 BB, 3 R, 0 K.

Daniel Gibson: 3 IP, 3 H, 3 BB, 1 R, 0 K.

Corey Stump: 3.1 IP, 2 H, 0 BB, 0 R, 1 K.

Ryan Harris: 2.1 IP, 5 H, 3 BB, 4 R, 1 K.

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