Scrimmage Report: 2/12

The Florida pitching staff gets plenty of attention with the 2012 season set to start on Friday night, but the offense stole the show during Sunday's scrimmage. The Gators combined to hit seven home runs and scored 17 runs in the final full scrimmage before the season starts.

Junior left-hander Brian Johnson pitching:

Justin Shafer fouled out to third.

Cody Dent walked.

Preston Tucker struck out swinging.

Taylor Gushue struck out swinging.

Sophomore right-hander Jonathon Crawford pitching:

Nolan Fontana grounded out to second.

Daniel Pigott hit by a pitch.

Mike Zunino hit by a pitch; Pigott to second.

Brian Johnson walked; Pigott to third, Zunino to second.

Austin Maddox walked; Pigott scored, Zunino to third, Johnson to second.

Coaches call the inning and give the hitting team two extra runs.

Johnson pitching:

Vickash Ramjit tripled to right field.

Jeff Moyer popped out to second base.

Brandon Sedell grouned out to first; Ramjit scored.

Cory Reid struck out looking.

Crawford pitching:

Tyler Thompson singled to center field.

Josh Tobias popped out to second base.

Casey Turgeon singled to right field; Thompson to third.

Connor Mitchell lined out to third base.

Sean Trent struck out swinging.

Johnson pitching:

Justin Shafer struck out swinging.

Cody Dent struck out swinging.

Preston Tucker homered to right field.

Taylor Gushue struck out swinging.

Crawford pitching:

Nolan Fontana grounded out to second.

Daniel Pigott struck out swinging.

Mike Zunino struck out swinging.

Johnson pitching:

Vickash Ramjit homered to left field.

Jeff Moyer flew out to left field.

Brandon Sedell struck out looking.

Cory Reid struck out but reached first on wild pitch.

Justin Shafer grounded out to the pitcher.

Crawford pitching:

Brian Johnson reached on an infield single; Sean Trent pinch ran.

Austin Maddox popped out to first.

Tyler Thompson flew out to center field.

Sean Trent stole second and went to third on a wild pitch.

Josh Tobias struck out looking.

Johnson pitching:

Cody Dent popped out to shortstop.

Preston Tucker struck out looking.

Taylor Gushue homered to left field.

Vickash Ramjit singled to left field.

Keenan Kish replaces Brian Johnson on the mound.

Jeff Moyer flew out to right field.

Freshman right-hander John Magliozzi:

Casey Turgeon walked.

Connor Mitchell doubled to left field; Turgeon scored.

Sean Trent reaches on fielder's choice bunt; Mitchell out at third.

Sean Trent stole second.

Nolan Fontana popped out to second base.

Sean Trent to third on wild pitch.

Daniel Pigott singled to center field; Trent scored.

Mike Zunino struck out looking.

Sophomore right-hander Keenan Kish pitching:

Cory Reid singled to left.

Brandon Sedell hit by a pitch; Reid to second.

Justin Shafer out on sacrifice bunt to the pitcher; Reid to third and Sedell to second.

Cody Dent out on squeeze bunt; Reid scored and Sedell to third.

Preston Tucker homered to right-center field.

Taylor Gushue homered to right field.

Vickash Ramjit flew out to left field.

Magliozzi pitching:

Austin Maddox singled to right field.

Tyler Thompson flew out to center field.

Josh Tobias reaches on infield single to shortstop.

Casey Turgeon flew out to left field.

Connor Mitchell flew out to left field.

Kish pitching:

Jeff Moyer lined out to first.

Brandon Sedell lined out to second.

Cory Reid walked and stole second.

Justin Shafer fouled out to the catcher.

Magliozzi pitching:

Nolan Fontana walked.

Daniel Pigott fouled out to third base.

Mike Zunino homered to left field.

Austin Maddox grounded out to third base.

Tyler Thompson grounded out to first.

Kish pitching:

Cody Dent struck out swinging.

Preston Tucker flew out to center field.

Taylor Gushue popped out to shortstop.

Freshman left-hander Bobby Poyner pitching:

Josh Tobias grounded out to second base.

Casey Turgeon tripled to right field.

Connor Mitchell popped out to second base.

Nolan Fontana grounded out to second base.

Kish pitching:

Vickash Ramjit singled to left.

Jeff Moyer grounded out to third; Ramjit to second.

Brandon Sedell grounded out to shortstop.

Cory Reid grounded out to shortstop.

Poyner pitching:

Daniel Pigott homered to right field.

Mike Zunino doubled to left.

Austin Maddox out on sacrifice bunt to the pitcher; Zunino to third.

Tyler Thompson singled to center field; Zunino scored winning run.


The offense stole the show on Sunday. After Preston Tucker's second home run of the day, he had hit a home run in three of four at-bats, dating back to his final at bat on Saturday. He gets in these hot streaks during the season where he seems to hit a home run every other time he comes to the plate, and he's certainly in one of those grooves now. Florida just needs to hope it lasts until Friday.

Tucker has been known to hit some impressive home runs, but the two most impressive ones on Sunday were both from freshman catcher Taylor Gushue. He should be a senior in high school but enrolled early at Florida. Gushue is a switch hitter, and he showed that off on Sunday. The first home run came against Johnson from the right side of the plate. I thought he got under it too much after he hit it, but it turns out the ball ended up clearing the bleachers in left field. The ball was crushed.

He did it again later from the left side of the plate. This one might have been even higher and further. Gushue hit 30 home runs in his high school career, setting the school record in three years. It's not hard to see why. He could play his way into the lineup, but it's hard to figure out where because Zunino isn't going anywhere.

Vickas Ramjit could also present some problems this year. He continues his hot hitting, and there really aren't too many weaknesses to his game.

For his second straight outing, Brian Johnson was mostly hurt by solo home runs. This was probably his worst outing of the spring, but there's not much of a reason to be concerned about him. Missing as many bats as he did, recording nine strikeouts, is a good sign this early in the year. On a draft note, I counted 24 scouts in attendance at the beginning to watch Johnson's outing.

After Crawford got through the first inning, he was great. There was some buzz among the scouts in attendance about Crawford when he got things cranked up. The issue with him has always been the same. When he throws strikes, he's tough to hit. That'll likely be the same throughout his career. Sometimes he has lapses and loses control. If he can keep those to a minimum, he will be fine.

Magliozzi was good but allowed too many base runners. He reminded me a little of what Karsten Whitson did early in last season because his pitch count was high and they were long innings. That usually happens with freshmen, so it's nothing to be alarmed about.

Magliozzi's changeup was his best off-speed pitch on Sunday. He has had trouble with his curve ball since I first watched him in the fall. The success of that pitch could determine how he does this year. He is listed at 5-10 and doesn't get much downward angle with his fastball because of his height, so he really needs the breaking ball to be good for him to change the eye level off the opposing hitters. It's not hard to see why scouts, coaches and teammates like Magliozzi. He's going to be a good one once he makes some adjustments that all freshmen deal with.

Kish is another one that struggled early but settled in. He's at his best when he is getting ground balls. I really believe he's a key pitcher for this team because he can help solidify the middle innings out of the bullpen. He's a ground ball pitcher and can be important to come in and get a double play when needed. He just has to be more consistent with his control, but it has improved from last season.


Taylor Gushue: 2-5, two home runs.

Preston Tucker: 2-5, two home runs, three RBIs.

Vickash Ramjit: 4-5, home run, triple, two singles.

Mike Zunino: 2-4, home run, double.

Tyler Thompson: 2-5, two singles.

Daniel Pigott: 2-4, home run, single.

Casey Turgeon: 2-3, single, triple, walk.


Brian Johnson: 4.2 IP, 5 H, 1 BB, 4 R, 9 K.

Jonathan Crawford: 3.1 IP, 3 H, 2 BB, 2 HBP, 3 R, 4 K.

Keenan Kish: 4.1 IP, 4 H, 1 BB, 1 HBP, 4 R, 1 K.

John Magliozzi: 3 IP, 5 H, 2 BB, 3 R, 1 K.

Bobby Poyner: 1.1 IP, 4 H, 0 BB, 2 R, 0 K.

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