Kamara Was a Surprise Visitor

One prospect that Florida heard was coming to visit for Junior Day was Alvin Kamara from Norcross, Georgia, but according to the star running back, the staff really wasn't sure he would make it in. Not only did he make it in, but he had a great visit to Florida, really got along well with everyone and gave the visit a solid ‘plus' when asked to talk about it.

Alvin Kamara enjoyed his time in Gainesville for Florida's Junior Day on Saturday and came away impressed. He liked the energy and wit of the Florida staff.

"It went great," the Peach State speedster said about the trip. "I love the atmosphere down in Florida and the weather of course. Coach Muschamp is a cool guy and the whole coaching staff is cool."

"D.J. Durkin recruits my area. When I walked in yesterday he said ‘what's up Big Time'. Coach White is interesting.

"I talked to Coach Pease, he is also cool. He was energetic and was excited to see me. I guess they really didn't think I was coming or something, so they were excited.

"Everyone on that staff is just energetic and happy. They are like a Disney movie. They remind me of all the happy Disney movies. You know, that feeling you get when everyone is dancing around and singing and stuff."

We will refrain from naming the coaching staff after Disney characters, but it is clear that Kamara was having a good time with the staff in Gainesville.

He hinted at what the Florida coaches have told him they like about his abilities.

"I think they just like my style of running, my explosiveness, my speed, and my power when I run," he said. We didn't go over any offensive schemes or anything (on how they would use him), but I guess I could be some kind of a hybrid runner / receiver. If I took that route I wouldn't be mad, but I do see myself as a running back."

Kamara was also well aware that Florida picked up a commitment earlier in the day from highly touted running back Kelvin Taylor, the second of the class for the Gators. The Gators will likely sign three in the class.

"They picked up another good running back in Kelvin Taylor yesterday, but that doesn't really mean anything to me," Kamara said. "Depth chart matters nothing, if I work hard playing time will come."

When asked about what he thought about Florida and his future plans with visiting other schools Kamara laid it out there.

"I have to get down there and see them some more, right now I will just give them a plus," he said. "I am wide open and am heading to Clemson on March 3rd. I am going to try and get back to Florida and will have to keep you posted about when."

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