Two Days is All We Asked

Florida head coach Will Muschamp hasn't opened a second of practice to the public outside of bowl week since his arrival. That changed on Wednesday when it was announced that the first two days of spring ball will be open to the public. It was a nice gesture to allow fans that watched practice sessions for years to come back out to the practice field and watch players and coaches in action.

On radio last week the subject was tossed around and all I asked for was two days. Just enough to see what the players are looking like with a new strength coach, to see the new freshmen on campus, and to get a feel of these coaches and how they coach their players.

Having been there and done that with the Florida team for ten years, I understand the distractions of having fans at practice. I realize that there could be unscrupulous folks in the stands that are watching practice for another team. I get that the staff wants to get after the players and not worry how their approach to coaching is viewed and shared by the public watching them. And so I just wanted two days.

On March 16th and 17th I have my wish as do the thousand or so people that will show up and watch on the sideline and the thousands that will all read about it on the Internet sometime following.

There is a new offense to learn and for that we need to give them their privacy outside of those two days. I for one completely commend the gesture of allowing the public and media in. It is another great step for a new guy at the job that has done quite a few good things during the offseason including staff hires and recruiting.

Hopefully I can repeat this column in the Fall. Just two days.

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