Gators One of Mahon's 13 Offers

They grow them big and grizzly in the northeast and Brendan Mahon is no exception. The Randolph (NJ) offensive guard clocks in at 6-5 and 300 pounds. He trains with several pro athletes in his area and is working toward making a living playing a sport that he loves. The Florida Gators have taken a fond interest in Mahon.

Brendan Mahon is excited about the prospects of his 2012 Randolph squad. It is a team that he believes can go all the way.

"I think we will have a very positive year, we only lost four guys," Mahon said via phone earlier in the week. "Our whole line is coming back so I think we will play for a state title."

He doesn't dislike school and is pretty good at it, but Mahon would rather spend his time grinding it out on the grid iron.

"I would rather be playing football all the time, but I am a student athlete," he said.

He has 13 scholarship offers from some of the best programs in the country and rattled off the list without hesitation… Boston College, Connecticut, Rutgers, Penn State, West Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, NC State, Miami, Florida, UCF, USF and Temple.

A list like that generated a question of with all the northeast schools, why are there four schools in Florida that are coming hard after him at this time. Mahon didn't shy away from the question.

"I think the boys in Florida realize how tough the linemen in the northeast are," he said.

He says he will likely take a trip down to the Sunshine State in the next couple of months.

"In the spring I'd like to go down south," he said.

Florida has been on him for a while. He was first offered by former offensive line coach Frank Verducci and now new offensive line coach Tim Davis has started the process of building a relationship with Mahon.

"Coach Davis is recruiting me," he said. "I talked to him on Monday and it was the first time. He really liked my playing style and thought I was a tough kid. I finished my blocks. They said that was a key factor in why they liked me. He also said they really want to get me down to Florida for a visit."

He says that he hasn't gotten out much to see a lot of what some of the schools have to offer. And, one team close was his favorite growing up.

"I have only visited the closest schools to home… West Virginia, Penn State, Rutgers, BC, and UConn. "Penn State was the team I was most enamored with (growing up). When I saw that they play in front of so many people it is like a pro game.

He is trying to narrow in on the things that will allow him to pick a program, but he isn't ready to make that decision any time soon.

"I am just trying to find a place that fits me the best," he said. "When that happens I could make my decision.

"I want a place that develops me as a person, academically, and as a player. It is both the coordinator and the offensive line coach (that are a factor in the decision). Some offenses lean more to pro-style offensive linemen, and you are a step ahead if you go to a place with that style."

One of his workout partners is also someone he would like to emulate on the football field. New York Giants guard Chris Snee has had a major influence on Mahon.

"I would like to be like a Chris Snee from the Giants as an offensive guard," he said.

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