FSU Makes 20 Offers For Dillard

2013 offensive tackle Cameron Dillard's twentieth college offer came from a program he's been following most of his life – Florida State. The 6-foot-3, 280-pound junior from Canton, Michigan is originally from Greensboro, North Carolina. He says the south is ACC and SEC country, so he decided to follow Florida State and Florida.

"I just picked up my 20th offer this past Friday from Florida State," Cameron Dillard said. "I'm probably going to be visiting Florida this Spring, and I'm definitely going to try to visit Florida State while I'm down there."

Dillard has quite a long list of offers besides Florida State, including Florida, Oregon, Clemson, Arkansas, Arizona State, Missouri, and Virginia Tech. He says it's great to have offers from the two main teams he followed growing up, and he really likes both programs.

"I'm really excited about the Florida Gators and their program and what they're going to be doing in the next few years, I've talked to (Florida offensive line) Coach Davis and (Florida head) Coach Muschamp and I think they're great guys and I'm excited about getting down there," Dillard said.

Both Florida and Florida State stand relatively equal to Dillard right now. He likes what both programs have going on, and he expects he would redshirt at either school. Dillard says wherever he goes, he's ready to work for a spot.

"I just need to work hard and bust my butt, Coach Davis said the best five will play (at Florida)," Dillard said. "He said most likely (I'll) redshirt for the first semester and have a chance to compete in the spring."

"(FSU offensive line) Coach Trickett said I'll redshirt (at Florida State) as well probably, same deal as Florida, and have a chance to compete in the spring."

And compete he will. Dillard is a competitor. He's constantly driven and never complacent, and very hungry on the field. He's the type of lineman that can fight hard for four solid quarters.

"I'm very aggressive, I finish blocks, get upfield and finish linebackers and DBs, I'm very explosive, I think I have really good lateral mobility, I get off the ball well, good ankle bend, good knee bend, I don't put too much weight on my hand, I have the perfect balance I think," he said.

"I like to grind it out for four quarters and the best part is seeing that guy tired in the third quarter and knowing I have another quarter to kick his butt."

Dillard hopes to have his college decision out of the way before his senior season so he can devote his full attention to his team. For now, he doesn't have any leaders.

"Everything is all equal, I'm just looking at things right now, taking this whole experience in with my family. I think after the spring, after I take a few more visits I'll start cutting it down, start listing the pros and cons of all the schools that have offered me and go from there."

Right now he may not know where he'll end up, but he does know what kind of place it will be. He's looking for three key things.

"It's the three A's: Athletics, Atmosphere, and Academics," he said.

Dillard will be traveling a lot over the next few weeks and months as he works to cut down his list. He's certainly enjoying the process, and is grateful for every opportunity.

"I'm very appreciative of everything that I have right now, it means a lot to me, and I can't thank those programs enough that have offered me."

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