Not only was Javier Estopinan unbeaten on the wrestling mat this past season for the Cobras, but he is also regarded as one of Florida's star attractions on the football field.

While you can find out just so much about watching film on an athlete or talking to him on the phone, there is a major advantage to seeing the athlete live. I have been fortunate to see more high school football players in person in the state of Florida than any other source. What I will do is use my 30 plus years of evaluating talent on the football field to give up a complete opinion on the top football players in the Class of 2004. I hope you enjoy this rare look into the football players in the state from a first-hand. LIVE vantage point:

PLAYER: Javier Estopinan
SCHOOL: South Miami
HEIGHT: 6-2.5

THE SCOOP ON THIS FLORIDA KID: Three years ago, when the Cobras lined up for a game, then head coach Charlie Yanda told me something that I can still remember: "Larry, I know this kid is just in the ninth grade, but I guarantee he will be as good as anyone I coached in my 30 years." Two years later and head coach Joe Mira was saying the same thing about an athlete who may be as gifted as any in the state.

While I still think the future is at defensive end for "Javi" at the next level, he still does some tremendous things as a linebacker as well. He has great feet, tremendous instincts and is strong. His wrestling prowess (97 wins in two years, including a state championship last season) lends itself to the type of player he is. You will not find an opposing tight end who will be able to stop him from the DE spot at the next level, and you can take that to the bank!

Very seldom do you find such a promising all-around athlete who gets it done in the classroom as well as in athletics.

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