Go ahead, pick a position, and this talented football player has either played it – or would love to give it a try. May be Florida's most versatile football player, capable of lining up at seven positions!

While you can find out just so much about watching film on an athlete or talking to him on the phone, there is a major advantage to seeing the athlete live. I have been fortunate to see more high school football players in person in the state of Florida than any other source. What I will do is use my 30 plus years of evaluating talent on the football field to give up a complete opinion on the top football players in the Class of 2004. I hope you enjoy this rare look into the football players in the state from a first-hand. LIVE vantage point:

PLAYER: Tony Joiner
SCHOOL: Haines City

THE SCOOP ON THIS FLORIDA KID: If you've ever been in this area of the state, you will understand why there are so many talented athletes. Great coaching from a very young age! Eastern Polk County has long been home to quality athletes, and this year, the school features what some longtime fans believe is the culmination of three years of grooming a star football player. For the past three years, fans from this community, have been telling me about a player who can do it all. From quarterback to running back to wide receiver and defensive specialist, he is the show, the price of admission!

I saw Tony play quarterback and safety the time I had the pleasure of watching him. He reminded me a lot of former Pahokee and FSU star Anquan Bolden, who seemed to hold off rushers by himself until he found someone to throw to. On defense, he hit like a truck, read the offense like he was in the huddle and had the quickness to make plays over and over again.

Has the skill level to play three positions at the next level, but if he stays at safety and gets bigger and bigger, he will be playing on Sundays for years to come. Big time player, who continues to make big plays!

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