Harrison Part of Line Continuity

Florida head coach Will Muschamp decided he wanted to see more continuity in the offense for the Florida spring game this week and so the offense will be taking on the defense instead of splitting up teams. Part of the growth of this particular team will be on the offensive line as the experience level will be three times what it was a year ago.

With Florida starting center Jonotthan Harrison, things seem to be going together rather well. He says a new offensive coordinator hasn't been too tough on the psyche of the offense and the continuity along the offensive line is something that has allowed them to get better.

"It's a new offense, but it isn't drastic," Harrison told the media last week. "(Keeping the same units together) helps a lot, in terms of people you are working with and everything, but we don't know what is going to happen (when the season starts).

"I see a lot more unity and togetherness. If we aren't together we can't work as an offensive line."

He believes the unit has been very receptive to what is going on and that has helped with the finer things that must go on in the trenches to be successful.

"We're grasping the material a lot better at the positions," he said. "That's just helping us focus more on good technique."

Tim Davis is also new to the staff, the Florida offensive line coach has been recei9ved well by the players and recruits we have talked to.

"Coach Davis has us working hard," Harrison said. "We watch a lot of film with him. There is a lot of technique emphasis and mental emphasis. We like him, he's a great coach. He's a great guy and we feel like we can do great things with him as our coach."

One thing expected this fall is a more physical unit. Bulk will be added throughout the roster and the offensive line may be where we see the most of the gain. That bulk and muscle will hopefully mean these guys can throw around the competition a little better. Harrison himself looks more physical and is indeed up about nine pounds in a better shaped body.

"Some of us have been on gaining weight, some losing weight depending on the individual," Harrison said. "I guess we do look a little bigger because we've been in the weight room and this offseason program will help pump you up."

Harrison likes what he sees from the two highly heralded freshmen offensive linemen that are on campus. D.J. Humphries and Jessamen Dunker continue to get praises from the Florida coaching staff as well.

"They have been working hard in the meeting room and on the field," Harrison said of the two. "Even if they aren't 100% sure what is going on, they are still being physical and going as hard as they can to get better."

Finally, Harrison knows that the quarterback competition between three sophomores is key to the success of the offense in 2012. But, he also thinks that as long as the line is better, the one taking the snaps from him really doesn't matter.

"I see them stepping up in their leadership role," he said of the quarterbacks. "There is a lot of competition between all the quarterbacks. They rotate constantly. As long as we do our job, whoever is in back of us I think will succeed.

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