Hammond Wants to Thrive as a Senior

Frankie Hammond doesn't think there is too many differences in this offense compared to the last one, at least in the way routes are run. He sees is an opportunity as a veteran guy to learn under a new coordinator that really is keen on the particulars of the passing game. The senior from Hallandale has been a positive for the offense this spring in its adjustment and hopes it pays off this fall.

"At the end of the day it's all football," Frankie Hammond said when asked about the differences between the new scheme coached by Brent Pease as opposed to that of Charlie Weis. "It's all just catch and throw. There are different names they call the different routes, a ‘Comeback' is still a ‘Comeback', but the coaches may have a different term. Each person brings their own styles, but it is all the same concepts and you just have to learn it."

As much as it is the same, Hammond is sure to note that Pease is a bit more particular in what he wants from his receivers than the past Florida coordinators.

"Coach knows the game," Hammond said of Pease. " If he sees something and it isn't right he can make an adjustment on the fly. He will coach you up if you mess up on a play he will come back right then and say ‘if you see this again, this may happen', or ‘adjust this route.' He is just real picky about the details and at the end of the day it helps you as an offense to pick up the smaller things. "

Trying to explain some of the differences in this offense as opposed to the spread option employed by Urban Meyer, Hammond said it is all about precision. Sometimes it means you have to run it a few times to get the concept of the play.

"We had adjustments (in the old system), but Coach Pease fits it into tighter windows and things you might not catch right away, you may have to run the play and see it. When it happens you say, ‘okay that is what I am looking for'."

Hammond also likes that Pease played the receiver position and has coached it for a great portion of his coaching career at different places. "He can see things through our eyes," he noted.

He likes the way the young quarterback s have competed this spring and when asked who has made the greatest improvement on the team this spring, he was quick to answer. "The quarterbacks… going through what they went through last year. Just see their composure," he said. "They are competing, but also keeping their composure. All three of them have come back with a different mindset."

He is looking for a big year to go out on and is hoping they throw the ball a little more in 2012.

"I hope so," he said. "I am a receiver and want them to throw it every play. But, it's even balanced, we pass, we run, we do it all.

"This is my last year and I want it to be a good one. I am busting my tail, I am coming to work every day and we'll go from there."

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