Spring Game Atmosphere Impresses Lane

The Florida Spring football game is an exciting event for fans to come see what the football team has been working on in practice. For future Gator athletes, it's a great chance to get excited about playing at Florida, have some time to bond with future teammates, and maybe, do a little recruiting.

Adam Lane became the first Florida commitment of the 2013 class back in January, and now he's in a rapidly growing class of fifteen. The running back from Winter Haven, Florida said it was great to continue the already tight bonds forming with his future teammates.

"I got to hang out with a lot of guys, Nick Washington, Tre Bell, Caleb Brantley, Kelvin Taylor, Ryan Green, Ahmad Fulwood, a bunch of guys," Lane said.

Of course, the only name in that list NOT committed to Florida is Ryan Green, a running back who Lane said from the beginning was on the top of his list to recruit to Florida.

"I work on him like twenty-four-seven, as much as I can I try to force him to become a Gator," Lane said.

"Sometimes it seems like he's being a little stubborn and nobody really knows his true feelings on it, but I feel like we're cracking him open one day at a time, hopefully he becomes a Gator."

Besides getting to talk to other recruits on hand, Lane said the atmosphere in Gainesville that day was beyond description.

"The energy in the locker room and on the field is like bar-none," he said.

"I was signing a lot of autographs. It was amazing, people had my high school pictures and I was signing those too."

As far as the actual game goes, Lane said he thought the running backs looked good. Lane expects it to be a smooth transition for him into the Florida offense, since it's similar to what he's been playing in his entire life.

"It's more like a traditional, North and South type of offense, and I feel like in this time of football, that's what's most working right now," he said.

"I feel like (the running backs) did a great job in the game and they're going to have a great season."

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