Adams Enjoys Spring Game Experience

Gator fans know all about The Gator Walk – fans line up in front of the stadium before a game to high five all the players as they walk inside. At the Florida Spring Game this year, Gators 2013 wide receiver commitment Rodney Adams was also dishing out high-fives, but he was surprised that most of the fans knew exactly who he was.

"It was nothing I've ever done before, I was (high-fiving) people I've never met before, it was kinda cool," Rodney Adams said.

"I was surprised, for a spring game I didn't know there could be that many people."

Not only was the future Florida athlete surprised how many fans wanted high-fives, he couldn't believe how many people wanted his autograph.

"It was pretty cool signing autographs even though I'm not a player yet," Adams said.

"(To have) people screaming your name that you don't know but they know you, it was kind of weird but cool at the same time."

At the game, Adams was able to get a little taste of what the new Florida offense will look like, and he's excited to contribute.

"The new offensive coordinator, Coach Brent Pease will likely have a great offense," he said.

"I think I can come in and be a great part of the offense, catch a few balls."

Adams drove up from St. Petersburg, Florida with his friend and Florida prospect Ryan Green, and Green's father. Of course, Adams said he was working on Green a little bit, but overall they just had a great time taking in the Florida Spring football atmosphere.

"It was a good experience, seeing the team I'm going to be playing with when I get there, seeing the pre-game festivities with the players in the locker room, it was a great experience."

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