Maddox Fires Longest Outing of Career

"Mud Dog" kept his bite longer than he ever had Friday night. In Florida's 3-2 victory over Georgia on Friday, Austin Maddox fired through 5.2 of the 16 total innings, registering the longest outing of his college career.

The junior faced 22 batters, registered five strikeouts and allowed only four hits in 61 pitches. The right-hander took the hill one-out deep in the eighth inning after fellow reliever Steven Rodriguez let up the tying RBI single to Georgia's Conor Welton.

Though Maddox pegged the first batter he faced, he returned the Gators back to the plate with Levi Hyam's groundout and Colby May's strikeout.

"I knew we were going to score runs sooner or later," Maddox said. "So I just had to go in there and put up zeros."

Maddox remained hot on the hill for Florida until the 14th inning, when senior Greg Larson entered.

Sophomore Jonathon Crawford secured the start for the opener and the Gators' four pitchers combined for a total of 223 pitches throughout the five-hour game. Georgia went through six pitchers and a combined 221 pitches.

"You get a little nervous because Paco goes 51 pitches and then Maddox goes out there and goes 61," coach Kevin O'Sullivan said. "Chances of them being used tomorrow aren't likely. When you use your guys for that many pitches and probably not pitching the next day, you want to get a "W" out of it."

After the game, which stemmed a hair past midnight, Maddox said his arm felt fine.

"It might be a little sore tomorrow, but my arm usually bounces back good," he said. "So we'll see."

Though Maddox said he and his teammates didn't expect a game quite like Friday night's contest, he said the they weren't going to let up.

"Our team's going to fight ‘til the end," Maddox said. "That's how we are. That's how we're coached. It's not really tough."

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