First 2 Offers in for 2014 Miami CB

For some they come a little quicker than others and cornerback Marcus Leslie of Miami Coral Reef isn't wasting any time. The speedster that is just finishing his sophomore school year received two offers in two days from Ole Miss and Western Kentucky and appears on his way to having a fruitful spring in terms of garnering attention from big time programs.

Marcus Leslie is an unassuming young man with great athleticism and toughness. The 5-10, 170 pound cornerback is already almost ideal size for the position even 2 years out from being in college, and so it isn't a huge surprise that he is already getting offers from BCS programs. He took a minute to reflect on the last two days.

"It feels good that I am on the map now," Leslie said by phone Thursday night. "I live with my grandparents and they are very proud of me. They just remind me that I have to keep my grades up because without the grades the offers don't mean anything."

The early news came in the first three days of spring practice.

"Ole Miss came Wednesday while we were in practice," he said. "Western Kentucky came Thursday and they were in my coach's office and they told him they wanted to offer me. My first contact with Ole Miss was yesterday. They are the first schools to offer me,. Akron came by yesterday, but they didn't offer anybody."

Besides his promising build and his speed, Leslie has good feet for a position that is as tough as there is to play at any level.

Leslie's heart was thumping when talking to Ole Miss. He understands that the SEC has become the premiere conference in college football and they continually put more players in the NFL: than any other.

"The Ole Miss coach asked me how I would like to play in the SEC and then he offered me," Leslie said. "I told him the SEC is the big leagues. That is playing under the big lights. It would be an honor and a privilege to play in the SEC with the big dogs."

Leslie's older brother Junior Leslie signed with Western Kentucky in 2012 to play defensive end, so the younger is familiar with the program and is interested.

"The Western Kentucky coach told me to just keep my grades up," he said. "He has been in contact with my brother and I know they watched my film. They told me if I kept my grades up they would go ahead and offer me and then he did it in person."

With all the hoopla, Leslie plans on expanding his horizons this summer and touring college camps to make himself better and get noticed.

"I am going on a college tour and a couple of camps," he said. "I am camping at Miami, maybe at Georgia, and at Clemson."

Here is a video interview done last month...

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