2014 DT Hand has 27 Offers

With his junior and senior years of high school still ahead of him, Woodbridge (Va.) defensive tackle Da'Shawn Hand has already received over twenty scholarship offers from college coaches. Despite the fact that he is only a sophomore, Hand has already become an extremely well known prospect.

"My workout today was amazing. We did some benching and a lot of upper body stuff," Da'Shawn Hand said.

Clearly, Hand thrives in the weight room, but that is not the only place that he feels comfortable.

"Spring practice just ended last Thursday. It went well. It was a good experience for the young guys. It was good getting out there again and getting some practice. It was very refreshing and we got to learn some new schemes," he said.

The 6-foot-4, 245-pound defensive lineman works hard to stand out on the field. Thus, it is not shocking that he is already a highly sought after recruit.

"Recruiting is going fantastic. I think I have like 27 offers right now. Things are just going well. I'm not really worrying about it too much. I'm just letting it happen and enjoying my sophomore year," he said.

So far, every school is showing him an equal amount of attention.

"Every school is even. On one day, I try to contact all of the coaches that have offered me if I'm not going out anywhere," he said.

This week, the powerful defensive tackle has already heard from a few schools.

"Michigan, Oklahoma, Syracuse, and Notre Dame contacted me this week. They're all cool," he said.

Recently, Hand received an offer from the coaches at Florida.

"Florida offered me a couple weeks ago. It's a nice school and has a lot of football history," he said.

Although he has received a lot of attention, Hand is not yet ready to narrow down his options.

"There isn't really a school that sticks out. Every school is the same. I probably wont be narrowing it down until next year," he said.

When the talented tackle evaluates each of the schools that have shown him interest, he will take the time to examine every facet.

"I want to know what type of players are at the school and what type of players they are recruiting. I want to know the APR rating. The APR is the academic progress and it shows a lot about the coaching staff," he said.

"I'll also look at the coaching staff, the players, the atmosphere, campus living, the dorms and stuff like that. I might change it, but right now I want to major in petroleum engineering so I'll think about that too," he said of the factors that he will consider.

If all goes according to plan, Hand will get a chance to look more closely at two of the schools that he is considering very soon.

"I'm going to Virginia Tech's one day camp on June 3rd and then I'm going to the Alabama camp," he said.

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