Everything there is about Gators recruiting

It's time to try and take the Fightin' Gators Fab 50 to a different level. We have given you the top 50 players on the board as we see it today and now want to dive in a little deeper on some of the players starting with the Quarterback position.

Few people understand how deep the quarterback board is reaching double digit prospects as the Gators head into camp. Cooper Bateman, Troy Williams, Cody Thomas, Tim Boyle, Max Staver, Kohl Stewart, Ryan Buchanan, Heys McMath and Asaianti Woulard are some of the guys to keep an eye on. In addition to these players I think if Coach Pease decided to offer Connor Mitch things could get interesting with his recent pledge to South Carolina.

Cooper Bateman:

Bateman is at the top of numerous quarterback boards across America and made some noise recently not naming the home town team (Utah) as one of his teams to beat. Until that team it appeared it would be Utah against the world, namely teams from the Southeastern conference. He has been to Auburn, Alabama and Florida and has shaped up as a West/East coast battle with the two teams to keep an eye on Alabama and Washington. Bama is concerned about the location of Washington and the Washington coaches are scared to death of the upcoming trip to Tuscaloosa. He is supposed to come back to Gainesville with his family after he goes back to Alabama but it appears the Tide/Huskies are in the driver seat heading into his second round of trips.

Kohl Stewart:

Announced for Texas A&M will he stick?

Heys McMath:

McMath is a guy that is starting to get a ton of attention with teams such as Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and others. He has to date been somewhat under the radar but not longer. Coach Pease will go watch him throw and if he likes the way he performs an offer will surely follow. The thing about the offer that is important is the "timing." If Heys does not get the offer that day or shortly after it does not mean coach Pease did not see what he needed to see. It's hard to say Heys will end up a Gator because the Gator coaches need to watch him live and up close first.

Ryan Buchanan:

No player has watched his stock soar as fast as Ryan Buchanan. Every single coach that has watched him throw has walked away very impressed. Ryan has very strong ties to Ole Miss with his sister and mother but maintains he is looking at every single team with open eyes. On one hand it seems so clearly obvious he follows in his sister/mother's footsteps but at the same time he seems genuinely excited about the recruiting process and I think Florida has a chance if they can get him on campus with his family.

Ryan Buchanan

Other Quarterback's in the Mix

Max Staver, Asaianti Woulard, Troy Williams, Cody Thomas and Tim Boyle will all be evaluated and I think Woulard/Boyle have a real shot moving forward. So many things are still ongoing but once camp starts it will sort itself out quickly and will be determined in the next four six weeks. When things seem to be this tight at one position or another it tends to be a good idea to pay attention to location. This might not be settled until after camp next month depending on how a select few perform in front of Will Muschamp. Coach Pease will get a chance to see Tim Boyle work on Tuesday.

Turning our attention to the running back position the Gators have two and it's the two they wanted with Adam Lane and Kelvin Taylor. About as quickly as the Gators landed two backs the attention immediately turned to who would the third back would be. Three players currently are in the running for that honor with Ryan Green followed by Alvin Kamara and Josh Mercer. I think Kamara and Mercer are pretty much the same player. If the Gators are going to land a third running back in this class the only guy that we know for sure would be allowed to pull the trigger would be Ryan Green.

Green recently said it's Florida State, Notre Dame and the Gators in that order but told me earlier today the teams showing him the most attention are Florida State, Notre Dame, Clemson and Tennessee. This was announced shortly after his trip to Florida State but his mother is a big fan of the Seminoles and he speaks regularly about the Irish with those close to him. In addition to the Irish and Noles more than a few of the Gator commitments are continuing to stay on Green and work him for the Orange and Blue. I think there is a greater chance the Gators end up sticking with Lane and Taylor vs. adding one of these three players. It's a little risky saying that with Max Garcia working Alvin Kamara and if Mercer rolls into camp in June and tears it up things could change quickly.

Looking at the numbers across the board and with what Florida is trying to add it's very hard for me to see them landing a third running back at this time unless it's Ryan Green. Just missing the cut for me on the Fab 50 at this position was Reggie Davis. I think he could fit that roll nicely and will need a very strong camp performance next month in the Swamp.

Ryan Green

Out of all the positions left on the board the one that is most up in the air for me is the tight end position. We saw players like Stacy Thomas early back at Junior day that was rumored to announce for the Gators and had he checked in at 6'3 I don't think we would be talking about this position anymore. Unfortunately we are and seeing guys like JUCO standout Beau Sandland and Josh McNeil or the most recent offer such as the one to Jordan Davis out of Georgia. Let's see what kind of impact the staff can make with JD when he visits UF on June 15th. The one thing that appears very clear to me is with the way the Gators are recruiting this position they are looking to take a tight end in this class. It certainly doesn't mean they will land one but they are giving it the old college try. Tight end has the most amount of question marks for me moving forward as of today.

The wide receiver board loaded or is it:

The Fab 50 has eight wide outs on the board at this time including Carlos Burse, Stacy Coley, Marquez North, Francis Owusu, Demarcus Robinson, Demorea Stringfellow, Marqui Hawkins and Kermit Whitefield.

One of the more popular recruits among internet junkies is Carlos Burse. The 6'3 200 pound plus Burse is from Alpharetta (GA) and likes the Gators a bunch. He along with Taj Williams, Reggie Davis, Alvin Bailey and Richard Benjamin are just a "few" of the players at the wide receiver position that would end up Gators if the staff went in this direction. If Florida decided they want any of these players they will be in the Orange and Blue. Florida is in a great position with two big time playmakers at the position with Rodney Adams and Ahmad Fulwood. Florida is in a position to take one more but more than likely two giving them four on National Signing Day. Back to the players on the Fab 50 for a moment. North is a big time player from North Carolina but even with ties to the Florida program with a former teammate on board (D.J. Humphries) it still might not be enough at the end of the day. North favors Georgia (Longtime fan) and his father is heavily in favor of the home town Tarheels.

Francis Owusu has very nice connections with the Florida staff by way of his older brother and former Stanford coach D.J. Durkin. Distance is clearly not a factor with brothers and sisters that attended the likes of Stanford and Harvard. Academics however is a factor and if he gets accepted into Stanford they will more than likely be the destination. What really needs to happen for the Gators if for the Owusu family to take a Summer trip to Gainesville which has been discussed.

DeMarcus Robinson from Fort Valley (GA) Peach County high school is a very hot commodity among top tier programs all over the country. The teams DeMarcus told me he speaks with the most are Notre Dame, Oregon, Oklahoma, Clemson and Florida. Oregon recently offered. He says he does not speak with Alabama and did not mention Georgia either but they are recruiting him to say the least. This is one the Gators would love to get in the class and for me is my top wide receiver left on the board at this time. He might be the best chance Florida has at landing another big time wide out.

Will Demorea Stringfellow step foot on the UF campus?

Kermit Whitfield is small in stature at 5'8 but then again so was Brandon James. While James has speed it's not the same type of speed that Whitfield has. The kid has world class speed and could be a dangerous weapon as a kick returner. While his speed is unquestioned it might be a little bit early to gauge if this "type" of player fits into the Pease offense. As I mentioned above the Gators clearly have lots of options but are they the right ones?

The guy for me to keep an eye on is Stacy Coley. If the Gators show up on NSD with Fulwood, Adams and Coley I think you have hit a home run at the wide receiver position. Right now if the Gators wanted Coley to be a public commitment I think he would be. He is the guy to watch not only because he is from the state of Florida but also because I think he is the best wide out on the entire board. It comes down to can you land one of Robinson/Coley to go along with Adams/Fulwood.

Stacy Coley

Offensive line is pretty clear right now with three high school OL announcing for Florida and a transfer on top of that. Roderick Johnson, Cameron Dillard and Josh Outlaw have all announced for the Gators to go along with transfer Max Garcia. Florida should land two more offensive linemen without question by the time we reach NSD none bigger than the Georgia Military product Trenton Brown. He checks in at 6'7 and 350-pounds. Brown embraces the process and is excited about getting new teams/coaches in the mix but Florida is one of his top teams. Brown is building a pretty strong relationship with coach Davis, says UF is recruiting him the most and he speaks with them the most. The longer he goes without a trip to Florida well you know the rest. Based off his thoughts regarding the Gators Trenton Brown could end up in the Orange and Blue. That is of course unless some pop before him.

Josh Cardiello and Brandon Kublanow could have committed to Florida at one time but if the three high school kids stick these guys won't be Gators.

Florida wants another inside guy at the defensive tackle position and if he decided he wanted to solely play on that side of the ball the Gators would still take Joe Fennell if he wanted in. The 6'4 290-pound linemen checks in from Fort Myers (FL) South Fort Myers.

Ethan Pocic checks in at 6'6 and 280-pounds from Illinois but how many out of state offensive linemen can the Gators ink this season?

Derwin Gray had some really interesting things to say about Florida recently and is looking forward to getting to Gainesville in June. Gray is 6'5 265-pounds and like Pocic projects as an offensive tackle for the Gators at this time. I have mentioned over and over that the 4th offensive linemen is accounted for moving forward and I don't think it will be much longer before you find out who it is publicly and I have also told you Florida does not need offensive guard's type player's.

What do we know publicly on David Dawson?

We know that he is in Michigan, from Detroit and went public for Michigan. We also know that Florida has visited the school at least two times to date and he is best friends with current UF offensive linemen Cameron Dillard.

Kirkland & Rogers: They are on the board.

Which brings us to the most heavily recruited offensive linemen in America with Laremy Tunsil. Tunsil is a big of a mystery once you get past the fact that Florida and Georgia appear to be his top two teams. The one very important piece to the puzzle I think is his mother wanting him to stay close to him. Will it matter in the end for the Gators or will Florida take two more before Tunsil gets ready to announce his decision closer to NSD. The way things unfolded last year I think the staff will try and secure five verbal commitments before Tunsil even gets to decision time. Clearly if Tunsil wants in despite the amount of offensive linemen that have announced for the Gators he can but would he?

Laremy Tunsil

The defensive end board is where the Gators are seeing the most action at this time from loads of big time talent everywhere you turn.

Lots of defensive end talent but there are a few that stand above the rest with Jonathan Allen, Elijah Daniel, Antonio Riles, Jordan Sherit and Demarcus Walker. There are other players at the position such as Darius Latham, Dane Rogers, Isaac Rochell and Ebenezer Ogundeko. One player who has gone public who "may" not end up at that school of choice is Carl Lawson. Will the Gators make a run at Lawson if he starts to waiver?

The million dollar question today is what will DeMarcus Walker do? I have been told he informed the Alabama coaching staff including Nick Saban he is going to Alabama. The quote-un-quote "Silent" commitment. All of his close friends are going to Florida and even some 2014 prospects he is close with appear to be headed to the Swamp in the future. Walker, since the Alabama Spring game has postponed at least two trips to Florida. At the same time his announcement date of May 24th has been pushed back to sometime in August. If that is the case he will most surely attend this year's Friday Night Lights in late July. Florida feels strong on this one and has the situation surrounded from all angles but it doesn't feel right for me at this time.

The single most tied in player with Walker seems to be that of Jonathan Allen. At one time both of these players were roughly the same weight and it appeared as if they could both end up at the same position. Fast forward a few months and Walker is now pushing 275-pounds and while he appears to be able to play both defensive end and defensive tackle I am projecting him as an inside guy all the way at the next level which puts you in a little bit of a dilemma but in a good way. It's very hard to get more than three quality defensive tackles in the same class but Florida has a built in advantage and you are starting to see Will Muschamp take advantage of it. Muschamp has started to mention more 3-4 rotation moving forward.

The reason Florida can go tell Walker, Latham, Ivie and every other "big" defensive linemen they will play end is because that's exactly what the Gators do. Floyd was 305 playing defensive end last year and if we see him move inside this season it will be to make room for Easley who is 300-pounds as well. So while I think Walker plays inside he could very well stay outside in the Will Muschamp defense. Walker says he will take five official visits to Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Southern Cal and LSU. He also stated he will camp at Tennessee June 4th-6th, Auburn June 11th-12th and take unofficial trips over the Summer to Florida, Florida State and Clemson. The longer this goes the worse it is for Florida in my mind because it will start to appear as if he is simply stringing the coaching staff along.

Allen visited Florida and was VERY impressed as was his father and the two front runners appear to be Florida and Alabama. With Allen it's very important to see him back for camp, FNL or early in the season. The more time that passes between his last visit and his next visit the more difficult it will become for Florida to close the deal. If I put a stock report on him I would lean with trending down.

Ebenezer Ogundeko is from New York, I repeat New York

One player that seems to be trending up is Peach state standout Antonio Riles. Like Walker and Allen this is a big defensive linemen. Riles checks in around the 265-pound rage. Once thought to be very close to pulling the trigger for the Bulldogs this one seems to be working back to the middle of the green for the Gators. Riles has a great relationship with the Gator coaching staff and he absolutely loves tight end coach Derek Lewis who is the point of contact for Riles. Quinn and Young recently visited Archer high school (last week) and Riles was extremely excited upon their arrival. I think the Gators are the team to beat for Riles at this time.

Isaac Rochell: Outside looking in for one reason or another Dane Rogers: See Above

Naim Mustafa does not have an offer from what I was told but I thought he was a player that could be in the mix at one time.

Two players that are trending up for me (one was down) are Elijah Daniel and Jordan Sherit. Daniel has had an offer from the Gators while Sherit recently heard the news. I will try and make this as simple as possible regarding Daniel. If he visits Florida he will commit and if he doesn't then he has some work to do before they would allow him to pull the trigger.

Jordan Sherit has really watched his stock soar in recent weeks and making it simple for all I expect him in this class which brings us to Darius Latham. This kid is good enough to play offensive tackle on Sunday's from what people tell me but he wants to play defensive end so that is where the Gators and plenty of others are recruiting him. Anytime you see a player jump in a car and drive 17 hours to come visit for an unofficial visit you need to take notice because that is serious interest. It wasn't like he took a tour of the Southeast he basically jumped in the car drove to the Swamp and drove him with his mother and step father. Watch what they do and not what they say is the most sound piece of advice you could ever follow in recruiting. As is the case with a few wide outs and some quarterbacks we need to see Latham back in Gainesville before I am ready to pencil him in the class but he is on the most wanted list at maybe more than one position.

Demarcus Walker

Looking back at the defensive end board and knowing what the Gators like to do I should have combined this into one group of defensive linemen but there is no going back now.

Keith Bryant has tried to commit to multiple teams and he is not done

Greg Gilmore might be the next out of state defensive linemen to pull the trigger for Les Miles

Bostwick is not receiving serious attention from the Gators as of today

Montravius Adams is the top ranked defensive tackle in America and is a true man among boys when he steps on the field Friday night. I have never truly thought the Gators had a real shot with this one but he did come for a visit early on in the process. Three team race with Clemson, Georgia and the Gators. Could Bryant Young pull this one off?

Joey Ivie has burst onto the recruiting scene over the last several weeks or so picking up new offers such as the University of Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Rutgers and Vanderbilt. Ivie could also play some outside end at Florida. Will Jacob Guy help the Gators land Ivie? Florida State from what I was told think they land this one without any issues. Some Florida State people went as far as to tell me I was wasting my time even speaking about Joey Ivie so it could get interesting moving forward.

Joey Ivie

Florida has four linebackers currently committed in the 2013 class. One linebacker trending up pretty heavily would be Alex Anzalone but I caution you because Ohio State ppl tell me they are back in the mix and others say watch Penn State. I think from some things going on behind the scenes with other players I have heard from that Florida will be the team to beat for Alex and the rest of his family. Remember his father went to school at Florida and they have family roughly one hour from Gainesville.

Here is the situation as quickly as he committed to Ohio State he was on the phone with Florida. was it buyer's remorse who knows didn't ask no reason to go down that road. Had things gone according to plan Alex would have visited UF with his mother on April 20th and had that gone down he would have announced for the Gators. Would we see the reverse effect with Ohio State right now had he announced for the Gators and not Ohio State? Not only did he not visit UF on that date he visited OSU and he announced for them. With the family near Gainesville and a few other things it's hard to imagine a scenario that does not include Alex in this class BUT we save that scenario over the last month or so.

Remember I have Daniel with the defensive ends at this time

Finally a position with only a select few on the board, safety. Not sure how you could look past Marcell Harris or Leon McQuay for the remaining safety spot. If I am picking one of the two I would go with Harris but some feel it's Texas. As far back as UA Combine last year people close to him were saying look out for Texas because he really really likes what Texas has to offer. Sometimes kids get so fired up about a school that's far but as time goes on or as the decision making process gets closer they start to back off the school because of the distance. In this case with Harris it seems to have gotten stronger over time. I can tell you Florida thinks they are in good shape with this one. If you feel you are in good shape with a third safety I can't imagine you are taking a 4th safety are you? I don't see a scenario that includes both these players in the class because I am not sure McQuay can play corner in college. That and I have a "true" corner that I believe will be in based on one small step that should happen soon the staff is waiting on. Could Florida land Leon and not Marcell?

Marcell Harris

The cornerback position is another spot where I "think" the 2nd corner is accounted for pending a future trip to Gainesville (same as the OL) but notice I did not see a return trip or the first trip I just said pending a trip to Florida. I could go into some long drawn out discussion over the marquee corners like VH3 and Mackensie or Barnwell but I won't because I don't think any of those players end up Gators as of Monday May 14th. Florida will recruit these players heavily no question about it moving forward.

Mackensie Alexander

Rapid Recap:

I think you will see your defensive line class come out of this group of players Antonio Riles, Jordan Sherit, Joey Ivie, DeMarcus Walker, Jonathan Allen and Elijah Daniel. This is with the way things are going today with a few more sprinkles along the way.

A few Gators in this year's all star games:

Keanu, Kelvin and Caleb in the UA game. Also playing in that game will be DeMarcus Walker, Stacy Coley, Kohl Stewart, Marcell Harris, Vernon Hargreaves, Cooper Bateman, Alvin Bailey, Montravius Adams, David Dawson and Alvin Kamara.

San Antonio will be represented with three Gator commits with Ahmad Fulwood, Daniel McMillan and Nick Washington. Mackensie Alexander, Marquez North, Jordan Sherit and Laremy Tunsil will also be in the AA game.

People always ask who do the Florida commits want in the class with him. Here is what a few of them said.

Keanu Neal said "Marcell Harris." Rodney Adams said "I really can't say because I haven't been looking at that I just concentrate on practice." Adam Lane said "Laremy Tunsil." Nick Washington said "It used to be my brother but now DeMarcus Walker. If we can't get him see you on the other side." Nick's brother recently announced for South Carolina. Caleb Brantley said "DeMarcus Walker." Cameron Dillard, "I would like to see DeMarcus Walker join the Gator family in 2013. I think he would make a great addition to the team."

Even though the Gators are sitting on 15 verbal commitments in May there are plenty of things yet to be determined with camp fast approaching. There are some positions that are set in stone such as defensive end, defensive tackle, linebacker, safety and offensive line. Running back, tight end, cornerback, quarterback and wide out could see a shake up through camp.

One such player is middle linebacker Mike Mitchell. Mike checks in at 6'4 and 215-pounds from Plano (TX) Prestonwood Christian High School. The kid loves Florida and has younger brothers so it appears to be a football factory family. The thing is no one "before" camp can really tell you no way on a kid because IF they come to camp and impress the head man and really blow him away with a performance things can change and change fast. He is a great looking kid from a physical standpoint but is a little stiff or mechanical if you will. Once you factor the Gators already have four linebackers it makes this situation seem a little tough for Mitchell. The bottom line is I can count about 15 players that with a REAL STRONG camp could pull the trigger and we just don't know who comes in and steps up his game or not. Even when you do come in and step up your game because of other's on the board you still might not have the opportunity to attend Florida.

It's very early but some national names to keep an eye on next year that will be up for five star status could include Las Vegas (Nev) Bishop Gorman safety Nathan Starks. La Jolla (CA) Country Day High School offensive linemen Jordan Poland. Starks will be recruited by everyone including Florida but I would not expect the Gators to "really" recruit Poland. Linebacker Hoza Scott checks in from La Porte (TX) and is 6'3 225-pounds. Staying in the Lone Star state cornerback Ed Paris out of Arlington (TX) Mansfield Timberview is one of the very best the state has to offer.

Look north and find Jabrill Peppers from Paramus (NJ) Catholic High School, a Don Bosco Prep transfer, CB 6'0 190-pounds. In the South a few names are Sony Michel (If Healthy) from Plantation (FL) American Heritage checking in at 5'11 190-pounds with blistering speed. Da'Shawn Hand is a 6'4 250-pound defensive linemen from Woodbridge (VA), Kain Daub out of Florida is a monster linebacker at 6'3 230-pounds as a Junior, Nease High School. Bo Scarborough from Tuscaloosa (AL) checking in as a 6'2 215-pound outside linebacker is one of the best in Alabama for 2014. Donnell Stanley from South Carolina, Latta High School will be one of the most heavily recruited linemen in the Southeast for next year's class.

Some players Florida will recruit and recruit heavily for 2014. Kain Daub from St. Augustine (FL) Nease High School, Jonnie Dixon from Palm Beach Gardens (FL) Dwyer High School a 5'11 170-pound wide out who is a Miami kid. Another wide out with an early UF offer is Trevion Thompson out of Durham (NC) Hillside High School checking in at 6'3 and 175-pounds. WR Corey Holmes 6'1 180-pounds from St. Thomas Aquinas and Jacob McCrary is one more wide out from Coral Reef Senior High School. OL Andy Bauer is from St. Louis and Bentley Spain out of Charlotte (NC) Providence High School as well as Orlando Brown from Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwannee High School are some names all Florida fans need to be familiar with.

News & Notes from this morning

I caught up with a number of 2013 and 2014 prospects earlier today to find out exactly which teams are showing the most love as we head into camp next month.

Carlos Burse it's Mississippi State, 6'3 205-pound wide receiver from Alpharetta (GA) Alpharetta High School.

Reuben Foster it's Alabama, Auburn followed by Georgia and North Carolina, 6'2 230-pound linebacker from LaGrange (GA) Troup County High School.

Joe Fennell, "Florida is coming at me pretty hard right now. I have high interest in Florida." 6'4 290-pound linemen from Fort Myers (FL) South Fort Myers.

Isaac Rochell it's Notre Dame, 6'5 240-pound defensive linemen from McDonough (GA) Eagles Landing Christian Academy High School.

Adrian Baker it's Florida State, 6'1 180-pound cornerback from Hollywood (FL) Chaminade High School.

Joey Ivie it's all the SEC schools which are about the same plus Miami, South Florida, Texas Tech and Florida State, 6'4 270-pound defensive linemen from Dade City (FL) Pasco High School.

Jonathan Allen it's Alabama at the moment, 6'3 250-pound defensive linemen from Ashburn (VA) Stone Bridge High School.

Brendan Langley it's Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia, 6'1 185-pound cornerback from Marietta (GA) Kell High School.

Raekwon McMillan it's Georgia, Ohio State and Alabama, 6'2 230-pound linebacker from Hinesville (GA) Liberty County High School.

Taj Williams it's South Carolina, 6'3 200-pound wide receiver from Tallahassee (FL) Lincoln High School.

Matt Rolin it's South Carolina, 6'4 205-pound linebacker from Ashburn (VA) Briar Woods High School.

D.J. Smith(2014) it's Georgia, 5'11 175-pound cornerback from Marietta (GA) Walton High School. Smith is a teammate of 2013 offensive linemen Brandon Kublanow. Florida defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson was at Marietta High School earlier today Smith told Scout.com.

Corey Holmes (2014) "I have been contacted by Florida, Florida State, Miami, Oregon, Penn State, South Florida, Pittsburg, LSU and Wisconsin." 6'1 180-pound wide receiver from Ft. Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Drew Barker (2014) it's LSU, South Carolina, Louisville, Ohio State, Penn State, Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Northwestern, 6'4 200-pound quarterback from Hebron (KY) Conner High School.

Arshad Jackson it's Ole Miss, South Carolina and Virginia and the Gamecocks recently offered, 6'3 220-pound defensive end from Lovejoy (GA) Lovejoy High School.

Chase Litton (2014) it's still Miami and Notre Dame, 6'6 200-pound quarterback from Tampa (FL) Wharton High School.

Sean Paul it's Louisville, Boston College, Iowa State and Central Florida, 5'10 180-pound cornerback from Vero Beach (FL) Vero Beach High School.

Juwaan Williams it's pretty even with Notre Dame and Vanderbilt right now, 6'0 170-pound cornerback from Tucker (GA0 Tucker High School.

Rasheen Jones it's Cincinnati and West Virginia, 6'2 215-pound linebacker from Cincinnati (OH) Northwest High School.

Rashard Robinson it's Florida State, 6'1 180-pound cornerback from Pompano Beach (FL) Ely High School.

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