Brantley Visiting Others, But…

Getting kids to commit early has been a mainstay for the Florida Gators 2013 football recruiting class. With 16 commits already, the Gators are half way home in the class, but we know nothing is done until the ink is dry on signing day with the prospects. Some are bound to look around a little, listen to other coaches, and take visits. Defensive tackle Caleb Brantley falls into this category.

Caleb Brantley isn't exactly fond of the classroom and he was trying to do everything he could to graduate early from Crescent City HS and enroll at Florida in January. He's getting by that and reports all A's and B's as his junior year is about to end, but happy the June 8th end of the year is getting close.

"I was trying to graduate early, but I sat down with my guidance counselor and have to take a few classes over," Brantley said last week. "I am not going to be able to finish by December."

For Brantley, his relationship with Florida seems a bit like it is on cruise control.

"I started off talking to them all the time, but now we just talk every now and then," he said. "I talk to Coach Muschamp the most. Sometimes we talk about the defense, sometimes about other guys. It is pretty good when we talk."

Other schools and coaches of big time programs have gotten in his ear about the depth chart, and other things as it pertains to Florida and their own schools. However, he is still fond of the orange and blue.

"I am still looking at other schools," Brantley said. "Florida is still far and away on top, but FSU and USC are coming on strong. They tell me I m a good player and they would love to have me on the defensive line. They notice how quick I am and how I use my hands. They know my potential and that I can be a playmaker and will be in the NFL."

His summer plans include trips out of state and to an in-state rival.

"I am going to visit Alabama in the summer," he said. "I don't know if I can get to USC on an unofficial. I will visit Auburn too in the summer. I will check them out, and FSU."

So, where does this ‘committed' Gator stand? You would think he was really on the verge of heading elsewhere, until he talks about the stuff that Florida is putting together.

"At the moment, I still picture myself as a Gator," he said. "I want to win a national championship with this 2013 class. We have a great class put together. We are trying to be number one. All of these guys are great players and we all talk now and then. Some of them I talk with on a daily basis."

He says all the Florida boys in the class know where his heart is when it comes to his future.

"They aren't worried about me visiting somewhere else," he said laughing.

In order to finish with the top class, Florida will have to land a few more big timers. Brantley has a couple of favorites that he would like to help him along the defensive line.

"I would really like to have Antonio Riles and Demarcus Walker in this class," he said. "I see Demarcus when I go to camps and stuff. T-Riles, we hung out when he visited Florida a while ago."

Brantley only has two possible camp experiences in mind for this summer.

"Hopefully I get invited to The Opening," he said. "I will probably do Friday Night Lights, I will be there, but not sure if I am going to participate."

He also knows he has some things to work on this summer in order to make himself a better player.

"I am still in weight training trying to get down to 285," he said. "I just want to get faster, get this weight down and get in the weight room. I am probably at 295-300 right now. I haven't been in the weight room a lot and need to."

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