Humble Dixon was a Star at Florida Camp

It appears to have been a very successful camp for Florida even if only a couple of commitments went public during the last eight days. One of the prospects that really enjoyed his time at the Florida camp is Palm Beach Garden Dwyer super receiver Johnnie Dixon. Dixon turned heads and broke ankles during his trip and had a good time doing it.

Dwyer has been really friendly with Florida who has signed four prospects from the school since 2010. On Wednesday, Dwyer travelled 15 players to Gainesville after leaving Florida State's camp in Tallahassee. It appears to be another loaded team for the South Florida school.

Johnnie Dixon is a super star on offense but he knows he will have a lot of help on the other side of the ball in 2012.

"Our defense is real good," Dixon said when talking about his teammates, many of whom were on the trip with him. "There is definitely going to be no running against us."

Like several of the prospects we talked to, Dixon really enjoyed himself at Florida's camp and learned a lot about the game they love.

"It was good, I liked it a lot," Dixon said about the time spent in Gainesville. "It had a good vibe to it. They had music playing and the flow of it was real good. It was a very smooth camp."

One of the big things is taking away something you can use from the camp experience. Dixon said he did learn a lot and gave a prime example.

"I learned a lot about route running, keeping your eyes on the ball and follow through with the catch," he said. "It is all about your feet, they were showing me. Your feet, hands, and eyes all go together as one. If you don't look it in you will probably drop it. If you don't have your feet and hands together as one (you will probably drop it)."

Assistant coach Aubrey Hill is a Gator Great and former receiver at Florida and coaches the position for Florida. He also recruits Palm Beach County for Florida so Dixon is very familiar with him.

"Coach Hill is real cool, I like him," Dixon says. "He likes to joke with you like a friend. He is someone you can have a good conversation with."

Dixon got to do a little film study of Florida's new offense under Brent Pease and really liked what he saw.

"I watched the offense that the new coordinator is putting in," he said. "I really like how he schemes up and gets people open really easy."

The Dwyer crew came from Tallahassee before visiting Florida and at least Dixon seemed to have a better time in Gainesville.

"We went to Florida State camp before, it was alright, but I just liked Florida more," he said. "I did like that the coaches were really trying to be precise about everything. It was just a different vibe between the two camps."

He will be one of the most highly recruited prospects of 2014 and already holds offers from Florida and FSU among others. Dixon says coaches love the way he controls the defender across from him and that he has the athleticism to play in the slot and be a game breaker.

"I am very physical at 5-11 and 190 pounds," he said. "I would probably be a slot, but I can go outside too… it doesn't matter where you put me. Florida thinks I am versatile and can play slot or outside."

He only knows of a couple of possible camps. One is to another SEC school, the other might be back to Florida for Friday Night Lights in July.

"I might get up to Alabama, but not sure yet," he said. "If we don't have a 7 on 7, I will probably go to Friday Night Lights.

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