Victoria Vivians update

Scott Central (MS) High School class of 2014 basketball player Victoria Vivians is trying to stay focused.

  • Name: Victoria Vivians
  • Classification: 2014
  • High School: Scott Central (MS) High School
  • Position: Forward
  • HT: 6-foot-0
  • Schools Of Interest: Schools throughout the nation. Has offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Southern Miss

  • Victoria Vivians has won numerous awards during her young career. College coaches throughout the nation are recruiting her. Her high school coach, Chad Harrison, has two primary goals for her.

    "The big thing with her is to keep her focused and hungry," said Harrison. "Last year she led the nation in scoring (37 points per game). She was the Gatorade Player of the Year (in Mississippi) and she was in Sports Illustrated Faces in the Crowd.

    "(Recruiting-wise) in the last couple of weeks one of the biggest programs to get involved with her is Stanford. Everybody in the SEC is already after her. And there are some really big schools in the Big East who are recruiting her.

    "There were so many accolades and things that happened to her that could lead her to be satisfied, but I'm just amazed how hungry she still is. And I'm just trying to continue to feed that hunger."

    He feeds that hunger by giving her team goals and individual goals.

    "First of all it's about the team," said Harrison, whose team was 26-7 last season and made it to the Class 2A quarterfinals. "We want to win the 2A state championship and we feel like we always have a shot of winning that as long as we have her.

    "As for her individually, I tell her never get satisfied. If you are the (Mississippi) Gatorade Player of the Year, then let's be a three-time Gatorade Player of the Year, be the National Gatorade Player of the Year, just keep it going. And she thrives on that."

    Vivians doesn't let all the outside hype affect her game.

    "When I'm on the court I know what I have to do and I try to do it," said Vivians. "I keep everything else out of my head and don't worry about it."

    She's not even worrying about recruiting at this point of her career.

    "I know it's big but I don't even think about that," said Vivians.

    And her recruitment becomes bigger and bigger.

    "Due to all the contacts that I have had with coaches it has become pretty big with her but she doesn't even talk about schools," said Harrison.

    Harrison understands that eventually Vivians will need to start thinking more about the recruiting process.

    "As I have told her, she will have to start making some decisions, but right now she just likes playing ball with her team," said Harrison, who has taken his team to team camps at Southern Miss and Mississippi State this summer.

    Although that decision is in the future she is learning more about the colleges that are recruiting her by talking to college coaches.

    "When I call schools some of them ask about my grades and what I am trying to improve on," said Vivians.

    They also tell her what they like about her game.

    "College coaches tell me that I'm a go-getter, that I play well and that I have a lot of talent," said Vivians. "And they say they think that I will be good on the next level."

    With three scholarship offers already on the table from Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Southern Miss and schools throughout the nation recruiting her, getting to the next level is pretty much guaranteed. But Vivians is not taking anything for granted.

    "I'm trying to improve everything so I can get to the next level," said the youngster.

    That attitude is part of the reason that Harrison is so impressed with his player.

    "She is the one that makes it so easy because she is a true blessing in every sense of the word," said Harrison. "She listens, she does what you ask of her and she is a great teammate."

    And Harrison is not the only one who is impressed with her humble attitude.

    "As successful as she is she could play with some teammates that might not be willing to throw the ball to her or be jealous of her but they are for her and want her to do well," said Harrison. "I think everybody, her teammates, her community, is really for her."

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