Maye Ready for Championships

When the Florida Gators dropped into Holy Trinity Episcopal School in Melbourne (FL) to recruit safety Marcus Maye, they knew they were getting a heady player. A day or two away from showing up on campus to compete for a spot in the two-deep, Maye spent some time learning more about football that can only help him in the end.

For Marcus Maye, high school was a great time where he was able to shine for his school in all kinds of sports. He hopes that time will be remembered not only for what he did in the field of play, but as an ambassador for the school and within the school.

"I want my high school to remember me not just as the athlete I was, but for the kid that walked around the hallways with a big smile on his face all the time," Maye said just days before he will show up in Gainesville as a Florida Gator. "And on the field the kid that gave them their all in basketball, football, and track."`

At 6'2 and 195 pounds, Maye is part of Florida head coach Will Muschamp's plan to get bigger and stronger on defense. With the athleticism of a high ranking basketball player and his attitude, Maye is just the type of player Muschamp is looking for.

"The things that I want to accomplish at UF are winning championships," he said.

Maye spent a lot of the last year really studying football and all of the nuances that go into a good defense. With his knowledge and skill level, it should translate into him getting on the field early.

"I have become more of a student of the game because of my injured knee, understanding the defenses and offenses. I expect to play the ball I know how to play (as a freshman) and give my all and God will take care of the rest."

Maye says he has grown close to quite a few guys in the 2012 recruiting class, with cornerback Brian Poole and defensive end Dante Fowler being two guys that he talks to the most. Like his future teammates, he hopes Gator fans have high expectations of him like he does.

"They can expect a hard worker, big plays, and a fun guy," he said.

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