Williams Wants Some Academic Validation

His early enrollment was put on hold and Florida football signee Quinteze Williams had to wait an extra six months to get to Gainesville. The 6-5, 260 pound defensive end has been anticipating the moment for a very long time and it will finally happen. Now he has a chip on his shoulder and he knows he will show everyone that he is serious about getting his college degree.

There is no trepidation coming from Quinteze Williams and he knows he is going to have to work hard to compete both athletically and academically at Florida. That is what he is going to do and wants to start yesterday.

"I am heading out Monday and cannot wait," he said this weekend. "I just want to get down there."

At Sandy Creek HS in Tyrone (GA) the athletes come out of there ready to compete in college by the dozens sometimes. Williams is happy to be a part of the great legacy of players at the school, but he wants to be remembered for more.

"On the field I just want them to remember me as a good player," he said. "At school I would want them to remember me as a good student and someone that would make someone smile."

Now as far as that chip on his shoulder, he is ready to hit the books hard at Florida and sees himself on television when his football playing days are over.

"My degree is the big thing I really want most from Florida," he said. "I plan on studying Mass Communications and Telecommunications.

He's been getting his body In great shape and losing some baby fat along the way. Williams is at 6-5 and 260 pounds right now and has lived up to the wishes of the Florida coaching staff to get leaner and meaner. Gator assistant Travaris Robinson recruits Sandy Creek and gave him specific instructions.

"Coach Robinson told me not to come in over 280," he said. "So I am losing fat and gaining muscle."

Williams has also been putting in time with trainers and former NFL and college players since he played his last football game trying to make his game better.

"I have worked on more moves, get-off moves, moves while I have been in contact with the defender," he said. "I am a lot better now."

The staff at Florida wants and needs Williams to show up ready to go.

"They told me that I am coming in with (fellow 2012 signee) Jonathan Bullard and we are going to be competing for that starting spot," he said. "I expect to be stable and not to be overwhelmed. I know I am going to prove that I can do it."

And for the Gators' fans out there that don't know a lot about Williams.

"They can expect hard work and dedication," he said. "I feel like it will all fall in place as long as I work hard and am dedicated to what I am doing. I plan on giving my best."

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