Poole is just polishing up

To play cornerback in the SEC you need to have a bit of confidence and swagger. Florida cornerback coach Travaris Robinson wants to instill that in any that don't already have it. He's a bit humble, but there is also quite a bit of swagger and confidence in Gators' signee Brian Poole of Bradenton Southeast. What else do you expect from the nation's second ranked cornerback.

Brian Poole plays the game just like the Florida staff likes it. They want their cornerbacks to be physical and fast and not afraid of the guy they line up across from. Poole wants to leave an impression every time he plays and also with the high school he graduated from.

"I just want to leave my legacy behind and hope everyone remembers me," he said late last week. Poole always plays the game like he owns it. He will always line up against the best receiver if given the chance. He always attacks everything with confidence. He is so looking forward to playing for Florida and lining up against the best at practice and in the SEC and at 5-10 and 192 pounds he is already physical enough to do just that.

"I am ready to go," he said. "I am very excited. My goal is to become a first round draft pick and graduate. I really want to be the best cornerback to play college football."

Poole has been a Gator fan for as long as he can remember. When it was time for his recruitment, there was no doubt he knew where he was going. Now he knows when he takes that next step in his life, he will have to work harder than ever. He is already doing just that.

"I just liked the program as a whole," he said of committing to Florida in the first place. "They didn't even have to sell the program because it just sells itself. I am just working on getting in the best shape I can.

"I know we are going to do a lot of running so I am polishing up on everything as a whole. I work with m high school coaches and a couple of guys in the area that play pro ball. I work out with them all the time."

Poole has gotten a taste of the Will Muschamp / Dan Quinn defensive play book and thinks it will fit him great and he will be able to jump right in.

"It's different from high school, but once you really study it, it's easy to understand," he said of the playbook. "They tell me the opportunity is there. They just want me to come in, play ball, and stay humble… everything will work out after that."

Poole has a few friends in the stellar 2012 recruiting class and two of the guys that he talks to a lot.

"I am close to (defensive end / linebacker) Brian Cox and (running back)Matt Jones," Poole said. "Brian is a really cool guy and we are going to be rooming together. He is a real laid back guy. Matt, is a great people person. He's a cool guy also."

As for what can be expected of Poole when he puts on the orange and blue? Just the same old thing.

"I am going to come in and work hard every day and I am going to compete," he said.

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