Thompson Adds Physicality to TE Position

The Florida football staff noticed Colin Thompson at tight end because he is a guy that will take a defensive end and drive his nose in the dirt. All the way up in Pennsylvania, Thompson became a priority when he met with the staff and they saw what kind of person he was away from the field. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the 2012 class is ripe for seeing early playing time.

The stories of Colin Thompson and his philanthropies are easy to find, just Google his name and the list won't be short. A guy that cares about the human species as much as he does just wants to leave a lasting positive impression behind wherever he goes.

Thompson cared so much for the people at his high school, and others that were around the school… this is what he wants to be remembered for.

"I hope people remember me as a good person and always caring and helping others," he said. "I just tried to be a leader in the community and at school. I just liked being a good person and always helping others instead of myself. I loved my high school and the best thing that ever happened to me was going to Arch Bishop Woods."

His next stop is the University of Florida and he arrives on Tuesday to start that journey. He wants his personal success to translate into team success, that is what he is about.

"I want to win a national title every year," he said of what he wants to accomplish during his time in Gainesville. "That is the team goal. Individually, I just want to make a positive impact on the team whether it is special teams, the starting tight end, or fifth string tight end. I want to be the best practice player and best game day player I can be. I just want to be the best I can and make my mark in some way and earn my respect from coaches and teammates."

His physical play has been his trademark at tight end so far in his career and he has continued to work on that part of his game during the off-season, as well as trying to get faster.

"I have worked on my speed and kept working on the things that made me what I am to get ready for Florida," he said. "I do my hand drills every day. I am just doing the little things."

He also has gotten a taste of the offense that offensive coordinator Brent Pease is going to throw at him. The ever intelligent and articulate Thompson found out that it isn't an easy task trying to understand everything about it, but is enjoying the chance to learn it.

"I have been working on the Florida play book," he said. "It is definitely different than a high school play book. It really is like speaking another language. Now I just have to practice the stuff. I know it is going to be fun."

At 6-5 and 255 pounds, Thompson says he has "skinnied out a little bit" in order to get his speed up. Still he comes to Gainesville as the largest and most physical tight end on campus. As nice as he is off the field, he is that mean and nasty on the field and plans on using that to help make the Florida team better. Brent Pease will certainly find ways to utilize his skill set.

"Obviously blocking wise I bring that to the table and I don't know if they have very experienced blockers right now," Thompson said about the older guys at his position already on the Florida roster. "They do have some spread guys but they are big. The physicality is how they are going to use me. Near the goal line I will probably play a little H-back and some wing back to utilize my blocking. I think I will have some opportunities to do some things and I just think I have a skill set that some players don't have on the team in regards to blocking."

The adjustment from Pennsylvania for Thompson should be pretty easy. He is a pretty social guy and already gets along with a great deal of the guys in his recruiting class including fellow Pennsylvanian and quarterback Skyler Mornhinweg.

"I've played against Skyler a few times and we have hung out with each other before," Thompson said. "We are about a 40 minute drive from each other and he is more in the suburbs, he is a great kid. Austin Harden, Jessamen Dunker, Marcus Maye, Kent Taylor, D.J. Humphries, I fit in with all of those guys.

With so much going for him on the field and off it is easy to see why Thompson should be a quick riser up the depth chart and someone that will adjust to the school and the team rather quickly. He let us know what he expects of himself as a Gator.

"I don't know the specifics but I really want to make a positive impact," he said about playing as a freshman. "I want to play.

"You are going to get a kid that is going to give it his all, one that is going to work hard in practice every day, and bring it on game day. I plan on making a positive impact on the team early in my career."

This writer has little doubt that it will happen.

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