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What will Ingle Martin have to do to win the QB job? Who is quickly gaining respect of the upper classmen? Are Colon and Mitchell really back on the team? Read about this and more in Ack's Insights.

The summer continues and certain players continue to grab the attention of the coaches in the weight room and with voluntary workouts. The key to young players contributing early is the respect they get from their teammates. The guys most of the players are talking about is Chris Leak. In defense of Ingle Martin, he is never going to have the flash and glitz that Gavin Dickey, Justin Midgett or Leak possess. But what Martin does have is a desire to win and compete and that will help him in the competition this fall. Martin will make minimal mistakes in practice and it will be interesting to see if Midgett and Leak press much like Dickey did at the end of spring to make some plays. Consistency will define Ingle Martin but they may not be enough to hold off the contenders.

Other frosh news
Jarvis Moss is a little lighter and still has the Jevon Kearse look to him. Michael Hill and Marcus Thomas are not in collegiate shape as of today and are working hard to upgrade their level of condition. Andre Caldwell appears a little ahead of Chad Jackson so far. Remember this is summer and they are not in pads or helmets.

Shannon Snell looks to have added even more muscle this summer and if he can become a better pass pro guy he will be a contender for all SEC. But he must improve because Anthony Guerrero is looking for some playing time and is having a solid summer.

The returning offensive line may get another body for the fall with Jonathan Colon. The word is that he is telling people he is back on the team.

Zook will announce all his decisions on personnel before fall camp, which should start on August 4th with the initial five day "acclimation" phase.

Snippet and tidbits
UF will have to contend with some solid offensive lines early in the season and really need some depth and size on the defensive line. It would not surprise me if Maurice Mitchell is back on the team and playing nose against Miami.

Ex-Gator Errict Rhett is working out with Willie Jackson and told me he plans to get one more crack at a comeback with someone, possibly the Jaguars.

Gator Basketball is having another great recruiting year but the loss of Matt Bonner may effect the team in more than one way. With Anthony Roberson moving to the point and last season most of his points coming off the high screen and roll with Bonner may get tougher. Last year teams defended Bonner and went under the screen because of Matt's three point range. This season expect more trapping and pressure on Roberson and tougher looks. If Christian Drejer replaces Bonner he will have to prove he can shoot the rock. Word is that Chris Richard can definitely ball and will be a major factor on this year's team.

Finally, as for the pressing teams of the early years under Billy, don't expect a return to that this season. Still fans want to see the press but the components may not be there to do it as much as 2000.

Finally the stat of the week... (1) that was the number of 300 yard passers versus John Thompson's defense a year ago, John Navarre in the Outback Bowl. San Jose St. could match that number in game one. Charlie Strong has his work cut out with this young defense.

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