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ASN QUESTION: What made you decide to come to Arkansas State, who was instrumental in you making that decision?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: Coach Darren Hiller was a big guy for me making it here. I had two former players from my JC that were already there. Knowing two guys already on the team was great, they were Alphonso Simmons and A.J. Hills

ASN QUESTION: What position did you play in high school and how different is that from what you are playing now?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: I played fullback and middle linebacker. A lot different, I was just use to blocking, a lot out of the I formation.

ASN QUESTION: What professional athlete that you grew liking and respecting?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: Emmitt Smith, my dad was a huge Dallas Cowboy fan and Mike Alstott. I'm from Florida, Alstott was named the A Train, I wanted people to call me the A Train when I played fullback.

ASN QUESTION: Did that role model make you realize that you are now a role model for younger athletes both on your current team and younger kids. What does that mean to knowing kids look up to you now?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: It's a really good feeling to be honest. I had an older cousin and was always around a lot of athletes. Grew up wanting to be just like them. Now when I can come back home knowing that I have done something positive, being known for that is a great feeling for me.

ASN QUESTION: Who is your biggest fan?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: My mom and my dad have been there for me from Day 1. My girlfriend and my son are also big fans of mine. They have taught me to strive to be the best I can be.

ASN QUESTION: When did you realize that sports was going to play a big part in your life?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: Probably in the 11th grade, we had a lot of athletes at my school, I wasn't always the one that was one of the top recruits. A coach took me under his wing and told me I had the potential to be great if I would work hard. I have had to work hard all my life.

ASN QUESTION: Who is your best friend on the football team?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: Ronnell Wright, he was a teammate of mine at junior college, we made the decision to come here together to ASU.

ASN QUESTION: What do you like to do hobby wise, when you have free time?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: Free time doesn't happen a lot, taking care of my son. Other than football all of my attention goes to him.

ASN QUESTION: Who is the leader on the team that you look up to the most?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: Jonathan Victorian is a very vocal leader. In our workouts, his voice, his action, everything about him.

ASN QUESTION: What does this football team mean to you?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: It feels good to be a part of something like this. The way the new coaching staff is trying to try to change the culture here. Even higher expecations, something special is going to happen here. Very glad I chose to come here.

ASN QUESTION: What was your first impression when you heard that Gus Malzahn was going to be the head coach at Arkansas State?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: I thought it would mean a bigger opportunity for me to catch the ball, especially going by watching Auburn play while Malzahn was there.

ASN QUESTION: When I say the name Ryan Aplin, what are the first things that come to your mind. How would you describe him as an athlete and how much he means to this team as one of your leaders?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: A play maker. He gets out of some spots that you would never expect him to. He sets the example on and off the field.

ASN QUESTION: What are the biggest differences on this years football team from last year's team?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: Being in better condition.

ASN QUESTION: How close is this team as far as team chemistry goes?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: We have very good team chemistry, Coach Malzahn was impressed with us on how we bonded as a team. That was a good thing, we have a very strong bond. We hang out with each other a lot.

ASN QUESTION: What are your personal goals for your football season this fall?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: I want to improve on doing the little things right. I want to catch everything that comes to me.

ASN QUESTION: Who has been your biggest role model or mentor in your life so far?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: My parents. My dad is a great role model.

ASN QUESTION: What has been your proudest moment as a Red Wolf?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: When I caught my first touchdown against Middle Tennessee.

ASN QUESTION: After graduating, will you always be a Red Wolf at heart and always be a part of AStateNation?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: Most definitely I feel like I will always come back and support the program, I will always be a Red Wolf at heart.

ASN QUESTION: What did last year's season mean to you personally?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: It was something special. We went 4-8 the year before, and then to be a part of a team that believed in themselves. We knew great things could happen and they did.

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