McMillan Enjoys FNL, Will Take Visits

For Florida linebacker commitment Daniel McMillan, Friday Night Lights provided him with an opportunity to bond with his future coaches. The 6-foot-2, 220-pound linebacker enjoyed his time in Gainesville, but plans to visit a few other schools in the future.

Despite the fact that he is already committed to Florida, First Coast linebacker Daniel McMillan made the decision to participate at Friday Night Lights.

"[I worked out] so I could get a chance to spend time with my coach and just get a feel of Florida," he said.

"It was good. I learned some things," he added.

According to McMillan, the relationships that he has formed with Florida's coaches are thriving.

"[Florida head coach Will Muschamp] is so cool. He'll get to know you and build a relationship with you off of the field so when you get on the field and he yells at you you'll know it's from the heart," he said.

Interestingly enough, the talented linebacker still plans on taking visits to other schools.

"I'll visit Ohio State and Alabama," he said.

For McMillan, these trips are not indicative of him having second thoughts about his commitment.

"I'm solid. 99.9 percent," he said.

Apparently, the Florida coaching staff does not doubt that he is firm in his commitment either.

"The staff said go ahead because they're one hundred percent confident that I'm committed," he said.

Although he will visit other schools, McMillan thinks that he will still have time to experience game day in the Swamp on numerous occasions.

"I'm going to visit a lot of games [in Gainesville]," he said.

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