Brissett is Always Poised

The word came up plenty of times when reporters asked questions of Gator sophomore quarterback Jacoby Brissett. "Poised" was always the way he was described as a true freshman that was thrown to the wolves at Death Valley in Baton Rouge for his first plays as a quarterback at the collegiate level. Poised certainly is the way he looked and talked at media day.

With the quarterback position still up in the air for this fall, Jacoby Brissett and fellow sophomore Jeff Driskel seem to be having some fun with it. Faced with some probing questions, Brissett showed the poise he had as a freshman dodging big and fast defensive linemen to get passes off against LSU a year ago. He actually said that event was an enjoyable one for him at the time, even if the outcome wasn't.

"It was fun," he said of the41-11 beating Florida took at the hands of the Bayou Bengals. "Going out and playing the number one team in the country… the first time playing quarterback at the University of Florida as a freshman… you couldn't ask for a better moment."

He just paints it off as just another stop along his college career, it just happened to be the first stop.

"That is the thing about this league," Brissett said. "No matter if you are a four year starter or a first year starter; you are playing against the best of the best."

It has been an enjoyable offseason of learning and helping get his team prepared for the signal caller that will start battling for a starting spot on Saturday. He likes the opportunity and resources Florida has to just come up to the football offices at any time and jump right into a film session.

"The summer has been great around the facilities," he said. "The players and coaches just showing me love pretty much… The ability to be able to come up to the stadium and at any time I can go on the computer and watch film, it was great."

Brissett feels prepared to lead his team into battle this fall and starting with camp on Friday.

"Offense is not really difficult," he said. "It just matters how much time you are willing to put into it. With this amount of time with the playbook under my belt I feel like I am that much better."

When it comes to the quarterback battle, he won't deny there is competition. He refuses to say anything bad about Driskel and loves the relationship the two have. Brissett is focused on the team and knows that offensive coordinator Brent Pease and head coach Will Muschamp are eventually going to have to make a tough decision on who is the starter. Either way he will remain focused. "Whatever the coach is thinking, whatever he says that is what has to be done," he said about the decision to start one of them. "There is never just one quarterback at any University, because if one quarterback gets hurt, the next one has to step up and fill that role."

There is no pettiness between he and Driskel, again Mr. Poise knows the right thing to say when asked about it.

That isn't happening here, no way," he said of any fighting between he and Driskel. "There is no need. We are both adults and whichever one is the starting quarterback is the best one. There is no need to sit here and argue and bicker what we can't control."

Brissett the joker…

Continuously asked to compare himself to Driskel, Brissett would pop off with a few quips…

"I probably just look better, I am more handsome," he said to one media person.

The two quarterbacks were seated on opposite corners of the interview area most likely because they were drawing the largest crowds. Still, when someone would ask about any animosity between he and Driskel, he would respond like this.

"I am kind of mad that we are sitting across from each other. I kind of want to sit next to him. I kind of miss him now."

On Trey Burton's ability to play so many positions…

He brings a lot to the table… hopefully we can get him to kick some PAT's for us.

The Zookeeper

In typical Brissett fashion with his wit and whimsy, he was asked to described the different units of the offense. He said they were like a bunch of animals.

Of the receivers he will throw to, he talked about their bite and persistence.

"We have DOGS," he said. "They are guys that are willing to give up a pass and block for the running back to get the extra yard."

The running backs he labeled as "bobcats".

He likes his boys up front and says nobody will want to mess with his offensive line when it comes time for the starting gun to sound.

Those are our bears," he said of the big grizzlies. "I feel like they are ready to show up and show they are an awesome line out there."

Florida has a couple of guys that will disguise themselves play in and play out and play different positions. Trey Burton and Omarius Hines were described by Brissett in a contraposition of sorts as leopards, but these guys will change their spots.

"They are the leopards," he said of Hines and Burton. "They will come out there and create mismatches. You won't know whether to put a linebacker or safety on them.

Of Hines he said, "He is a big leopard. One of those big leopards that is hard to bring down."

You can tell the respect for Burton oozes from Brissett who has high praise for the junior.

"He is the smart leopard. He knows how to manipulate defenses from being a quarterback before. He knows this playbook very well. He can bring a lot. (There are) so many mismatches… and the ways he can personally affect the game is tremendous. He will play multiple positions and can even play quarterback.

His position is one that he had to think a bit, but came up with an answer that suited his idea of the quarterback position.

"We are the giraffes because we have to oversee everything," he said.

Finally, he stumbled a bit when describing the tight ends on the roster.

"They are the elephants," he said. "They aren't giraffes or bears, so they have to be elephants."

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