The Freshmen: What's in a number/picture?

Along with the start of practice, the University of Florida has annually put out an updated roster. In recent years the roster has become more accurate in terms of heights and weights. Below, we will take a look at the new scholarship players on the roster of which most are freshmen. For some we have pictures to go along with the anecdotes about what their numbers mean.

Here is a list of the newcomers to the program and we will list their Media Guide heights and weights followed by their current heights and weights. Most likely the media guide weights were taken when they officially visited Florida the latter seems to be a very recent measurement.

#17 QB Skyler Mornhinweg Then: 6-3, 190 Now: 6-3, 204 What's the deal? Mornhinweg has been impressive, but as Brent Pease told the media on Wednesday he is a guy that plays better under fire than in looks good in quarterback drills. Not the greatest of athletes, but heady. The 14 pounds is good, Muschamp and company have a specified weight and height for quarterbacks and minimum is 6-3 and they want the signal callers to get to at least 210 pounds. He is almost there and that is a good sign.

#24 Matt Jones Then: 6-2, 213 Now: 6-2, 226

What's the deal? Jones is playing well and will see plenty of playing time in 2012. He is intelligent and he has the ability to catch the ball and do something with it in the throw game. His size is great, yet he runs witgh a little bit of wiggle in his game. The fact that he is up 13 pounds from his official date is a very positive sign.

What's in a picture? You will notice a little bit of a lean in his run. That lean should allow him more power and that is something he is still learning. He is learning quickly. There is absolutely no doubt he is built solid and should be able to carry another 10 pounds or so.

#86 Raph Andrades Was: 6-0, 190 Now: 6-0, 191

What's the deal? Andrades is a pretty physical looking player already, especially as a true freshman. He will likely put on a little more weight and muscle with the right programs at Florida, but he can physically play at this level now. He is smart and a fast learner, so don't put it past him to get on the field as a frosh from a unit lacking play makers.

What's in a picture? You can see that Andrades is cut pretty well. From this picture alone he looks a little more rocked than half the receivers and they have been here for a few years or more.

#13 Latroy Pittman Was: 6-0, 195 Now:5-11, 209

Latroy got the low number for a reason, they really like him. If healthy, there is little doubt he will play. I am only surprised in the weight gain that he shows above because when he was a prospect he was already very well put together. To add 14 pounds of muscle, even though they likely got his height wrong on the first go around, that is impressive.

What's in a picture? He's already at 209 pounds and doesn't look really bulky at all. That means he can still put on some more good weight. I like the look in this pic of someone that is sleek, even though that isn't really how anyone would define Pittman.

#18 Kent Taylor Was: 6-5, 225 Now: 6-5, 223

What's the deal? We knew coming in he would have to put on weight, but it is going to take a year or so for Taylor to line up at the line of scrimmage and make a difference in blocking defensive linemen. In the mean time he will line up in the slot and be a pass catching tight end when he is in the game.

What's in a picture? Looking at his arms and upper legs he has some musculature to him that means he is working on it. I love the eyes though…. Right where they need to be watching the ball cradle into his hands.

#84 Colin Thompson Was: 6-4, 252 Now: 6-4, 256

What's the deal? Thompson actually lost a little right before he showed up to campus so it is welcome to see him up even a little bit. He should be back in a couple of weeks from a foot injury that happened a while ago and he should be able to provide a blocking force at the tight end position.

#74 Jessamen Dunker Was: 6-4, 320 Now: 6-4, 301

What's the deal? Dunker needed to lose some and he did. Now he is in much better shape and I am sure he feels a lot better. They can now add some muscle and he can slowly start putting the weight on the right way. he is moving around well and should play this year.

#70 D.J. Humphries Was: 6-6, 271 Now: 6-6, 275

What's the deal? The four pounds Humphries is up will eventually be 40 piounds but until that time he will just have to eat his way to playing time. He will no doubt see the field in year one if healthy, but he needs to build it up to really push for next season.

What's in a picture? In the first pic you can see he isn't slight at all, but he certainly has easy room to carry more weight. in the second one, as much as we have heard of Humphries being a tactician when it comes to OLine play, he is about to get worked by Fowler. He is off balance with his feet and leaning in one direction. He needs to have a firm base and square up on Fowler. Fowler is in position to turn inside and raise hell. Cool picture here.

#90 Jonathan Bullard Was: 6-3, 263 Now: 6-3, 271

What's the deal? Bullard is of course behind because he just got here instead of late June. He hasn't had time work with the guys to get more accustomed to the playbook. He will still be on the field a lot this year and push for a starting spot in my opinion. He is up a little bit from his official date and still can do the things they want him to do.

What's in a picture? the thing that tells me the most about the pic… the stance. He is scheduled to play the strong side defensive end position, but with that stance he looks like he is in some form of pass coverage mode, especially when the guy next to him is in a down lineman stance. That tells you everything you need to know about what kind of shape he is in. His shape looks more like a sturdy inside linebacker, but then you realize he is 271 pounds and I am sure that puts a smile on Dan Quinn's face.

#94 Bryan Cox Jr. Was: 6-3, 247 Now: 6-3, 235

What's the deal? He lost a little weight from his official visit and that is certainly some weight he will put back on. What he has done is try to make himself faster and now he can put the weight back on with the watchful eyes of the Florida strength staff and nutritionists.

What's in a picture? The first thing that jumps out at me in this picture is the looooooong arms. Again this is something Quinn and company have to love specifically about Cox. I will say when he was being recruited I saw a Buck Gurley type of defender a little more round than this, I half expected him to end up inside. Looking at this picture specifically, there is now a lot of room for some muscle and mass on Cox.

#6 Dante Fowler Was: 6-3, 261 Now: 6-3, 277

What's the deal? Muschamp verified that Fowler is bigger than when they were recruiting him then backed it up by saying he is still very impressive during practice. He now may have moved ahead of Bullard as the guy that can change the face of the defense this season in my opinion. If Fowler can start at BUCK which looks to be the case, it will really allow the defense to go big. When Powell returns, the options become even that much better for the defensive staff. My guess is he will work some of those 16 extra pounds off this August, but he is playing very fast at his weight.

What's in a picture? Same picture as the Bullard one with a different focal point. The difference between the two is the center of gravity with Fowler and his move toward the open spot. His base is fully centered under his body so he can lunge where he needs to go. Physically he has pretty big arms and upper body with tree trunk legs.

#96 Jafar Mann Was: 6-3, 293 Now: 6-3, 314

What's the deal? Mann ballooned and is well over the 300 pounds he told me the day or two before arriving on campus. He will have to lose and then slowly putthe weight back on to be effective, but we have had plenty of guys here to do that. The latest is Damien Jacobs who lost close to 30 pounds to play at a desirable weight. At least we know it won't be hard to keep the weight on him.

#95 Alex McCalister Was: 6-6, 223 Now: 6-6, 222 For that height he is going to have to put on about 30 pounds to be really effective. It is too hard to be centered and keep balance when you are so tall if you don't have the base to do so.

What's in a picture? The biggest positive again is the length of the arms. He has the wing span of a 7 footer and you can really see it in this picture. He really needs to add weight to play on the line of scrimmage and he will be able to do that at the training table at Florida.

#98 Quinteze Williams Was: 6-5, 255 Now: 6-5, 276

What's the deal? I was worried that Quinteze wouldn't be able to put on the weight but the 21 pound jump for him from the time he took an official visit certainly killed that notion. Now he will have to turn that weight into a positive with this strength staff, but playing at that size is perfect for the SEC.

What's in a picture? He isn't sloppy looking but needs to be toned a bit. Still, you have to like the lower body size and distribution in the legs. This should allow good punch and explosion from his lower body over time.

#12 Antonio Morrison Was: 6-1, 209 Now: 6-1, 218

What's the deal? It is a shame we didn't get a current picture of him. He has added a quick nine pounds since January when he arrived early and he really has a lot more to grow. He plays as tough as any linebacker on the squad and he will easily add at least 20 more pounds on his frame and probably 25 before he is done.

#28 Jeremi Powell Was: 6-1, 193 Now: 6-1, 202

What's the deal? he is another that is up nine pounds since January and he will certainly grow some more. I am not sure if he can get to 240 pounds, but I certainly think he can get to 230 before he leaves Gainesville. Speed and quickness is his game anyway.

#29 Rhaheim Ledbetter Was: 5-11, 195 Now: 5-11, 206

What's the deal? Wow, 11 more pounds on a fast and hard hitting safety and he is at 206. He is already built like Matt Elam and he is two years younger. I think we are going to like this kid. I wish we had a current picture of him.

#20 Marcus Maye Was: 5-11, 200 Now: 5-11, 203

What's the deal? Not much change for Maye as he recovers from injury that has kept him out of workouts and practice. Time will tell, but this kid has his head on straight and I expect big things.

#27 Willie Bailey Was: 6-1, 167 Now: 6-0, 172

What's the deal? Weight is an issue for bailey, but he will likely redshirt anyway. His thing is going to be his length at the position and his speed. Still, he has to have some strength and weight to him to play in the SEC and win the battles in the air.

#24 Brian Poole Was: 5-10, 202 Now: 5-10, 206

What's the deal? 206 pounds on a 5-10 corner is pretty impressive. I know the talk is that he has moved to safety, but I think it is just to cross train him and to get him on the field quicker. This kid is going to be tough as a corner.

What's in a picture? I love everything about the picture. He is playing man-on and has complete control of his own body, he is aggressive enough to have a hand on his man, he is looking at the receiver and not watching the quarterback, and he is inevitably guiding the receiver where he wants him to go with his power and strength. Hard to read that much in one picture, but it looks text book to me.

#16 Austin Hardin Was: 5-10, 204 Now: 5-10, 207

What's the deal? I don't care if he is 400 pounds as long as he can kick the hell out of the ball. All kidding aside, hardi is a pretty big kid and has some wallop on the ball when he hits it.

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