Roster Down Two More

The news broke Friday morning that Florida freshman receiver JaJuan Story has decided to transfer. Then later that morning head coach Will Muschamp announced that senior defensive tackle Nick Alajajian suffered a knee injury that would end his season. Florida's roster is losing ground quick from one that wasn't full to begin with. When everyone is finally healthy, Florida can field 77 players.

Will Muschamp told the Florida beat that Story just wasn't fitting in at Florida. This should come as no surprise with the way his recruitment went down and the information that followed about how he wanted to sign somewhere else but was led to sign at Florida.

"Jajuan Story came in yesterday and didn't feel like he was fitting," Muschamp said before backing the player in his decision. "He did an outstanding job as a student here, he had close to a 3.0 (GPA). We wish him all the luck in the world.

"JaJuan came to me and he made some good points and said it wasn't a good fit for him. At the end of the day I want the young man to be happy and will help him any way I can. The University of Florida is not for everybody."

Muschamp was asked if there were any schools off limits for Story to transfer to and he said that was a private matter.

"He and I discussed that and it is between us," the head Gator said.

Story now will have four years to play three outside of any appeal he may want tp pursue unless he chooses to transfer down at least two levels of football.

The roster took another hit when Muschamp announced that defensive tackle Nick Alajajian is done for the year and will miss his senior campaign. Muschamp said they have not discussed any chance of him getting a sixth year of eligibility yet.

"Nick Alajajian is out this season with a fractured (right) knee," Muschamp said. "He got rolled up on in a drill. It is disappointing for him and we hurt for him right now."

Florida lost tight end A.C Leonard about a month ago when he transferred. The Gators are now down to 78 scholarship players of which 77 can play because offensive lineman Max Garcia transferred in from Maryland and is ineligible this season.

Right now the Gators are also without BUCK Ronald Powell as he continues his recovery of an ACL tear in the spring game. Muschamp also said another defensive lineman will be out for a while.

"Kedric Johnson dislocated his (left) knee, it is not determined how long he will be out, but it will be for a significant amount of time," he said.

Four others are still not able to practice at this time.

"(Wide receiver) Stephen Alli is still not ready," he said. (Cornerback) Jeremy Brown we are still targeting for September 1. (Tight End) Colin Thompson still hasn't done a whole lot. (Safety) Marcus Maye we are hoping to get out there Sunday or Monday in some drill work. He has looked really good as far as movement and change of direction."

That leaves the working roster at this very moment at 71 players with there still being some possible minor injuries we aren't hearing about. It appears in a month, things should be better by a hand full, but again the Gators find themselves a little strapped.

A bit of good injury news was also relayed when Muschamp said that running back Chris (Juice) Johnson will return today from a sprained neck. "Chris Johnson had a little bit of a sprained neck," he said. "He is fine and will be back at practice today (Friday).

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