Hammond Getting It Done Ultra-Early

It isn't every day you see a ninth grader that may make a splash on a big time high school football program. But, that looks to be the case with Joshua Hammond. The 6-0, 165 pound receiver at Hallandale is a Class of 2016 prospect that has to earn his way on to the field but already getting some time with the first group. His size and athleticism as a freshman should make folks take notice.

Eight years younger than his older brother Frankie, Joshua Hammond looks to be a little ahead of where the Florida Gator senior receiver was at this stage of the game. The fact that he is only one inch shorter than his older brother and his father stands 6-2, Hammond could very well be an elite sized receiver by the time he finishes high school.

Already on the Varsity squad, Hammond is getting time repping in with the older guys on the team.

"Things are going good, he said of his first several days as a high school football player. "I get mixed in right now with the 1's and 2's."

Hammond says he camped this summer and learned a lot about running routes and different skills at the receiver position and caught on quick to the things he is supposed to do.

"I got a lot of that from the camps I have been to," he said. "I went to the NIKE 7on7 and Friday Night Lights to get some experience at it."

While he has good size for his age, he is one of a few taller receivers at Hallandale so he is relying on those things he has picked up quickly to get some playing time early in camp. Which will lead to the ultimate goal of getting on the field during games.

"I think my route running, catching the ball, and my hands separate me from the rest," he said. "I want as much playing time as possible."

The quick learning comes natural for Hammond who is exceptional in the class room and already has an idea of what he wants to do in college and beyond.

"I am in the gifted program," he said. "My favorite subject is math, I will be taking Algebra 2 this year. I am looking to do some things in Communications and Broadcasting."

While his brother at Florida is looking to have his best year as a senior for the Gators, Joshua wants to make his own imprint on the field at his school. He seems to have all the tools to do just that.

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