Important Sunday Set Up by Muschamp

Will Muschamp and the rest of the Florida coaching staff will be locked away in a meeting room for hours on Sunday. With two scrimmages in the books and fall camp coming to a close, it's time for the coaching staff to decide where players stand on the depth chart in all three phases. It's important for Muschamp to decide where the majority of the reps go as the team prepares for the season opener.

"Who are we going to win the SEC Championship with?" Will Muschamp asked rhetorically about what he'll be looking for in the decisions. "That's my question. We understand what our goal is here and what we need to go. Who are the guys we can count on?"

Muschamp wasn't shy to tell the Florida team what would be happening on Sunday. At the conclusion of Saturday's practice, Muschamp explained to the team that the coaching staff would be having a meeting on Sunday to make big decisions about the depth chart for the season.

It happens on the team's first day off during the 18-practice training camp. The team will have Sunday off to get their legs back under them. The coaching staff will be behind closed doors.

"It's brutally honest," Muschamp said about the conversations with the players. "Tell them where they are. I don't want to be misled and I don't want any of our players being misled in what they're doing.

"We've got to start figuring out where these reps are going. That includes special teams, offense and defense. It's a critical time for our players to take a step forward. We're still investing time in everybody, but we've got to start dwindling the reps down."

A good example of what will happen on Sunday is freshman tight end Kent Taylor. He's undersized for an attached tight end in the SEC, officially listed at 223 pounds. However, Taylor made an impact during Saturday's open practice, catching two important passes—one for a touchdown and one to set up a field goal—during a one-minute drill in The Swamp.

Although his size limits him from being a true tight end at this point in his career, Muschamp and his staff still see skills they can use this season to help the team.

"What can he do at this point? Obviously he's a guy that needs to gain some girth and strength as far as blocking is concerned, but let's not ask him to do something he can't do," Muschamp said. "I know one thing—he can go get the football down the field. He can catch the ball. Let's identify what he can do and what he can handle."

It shouldn't be a surprise that these decisions are being made. With training camp in the past, Florida will practice twice on Monday and then go into a scrimmage on Tuesday. The team will have Wednesday, the first day of classes, off to get accustomed and rest their legs again.

Preparation for the season opener against Bowling Green begins at practice on Thursday.

"We need to identify, and that's a lot of what (Sunday) is," Muschamp said. "How are we using this guy? What are his strengths? Within our offense, what are we going to do? On our defense, where does he fit? We've got to make sure we're getting the turns and reps to make sure that's what we're doing."

Muschamp estimated that the meeting would last at least a couple hours and would go into "major detail" of the way the depth chart will go and which players will get on the field.

That includes the quarterback job.

Muschamp won't make a decision on a starter before his Monday morning press conference on August 27 during the week of the first game.

"We've got to start figuring that out going forward," Muschamp said. "Looking at it now with both guys—very even. I think that we've got to start moving toward that. Brent and I will sit down, like we have after every practice and again the next morning, to discuss where we are, what's going well and what is not going well and need to improve on.

"I'm sitting on some things right now."

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