Higdon's Weekly Q and A on Florida Recruiting

FOXSportsNEXT Recruiting Analyst Jason Higdon answers a couple of dozen questions on the current state of Florida recruiting with his weekly chat introduction and we have it saved for you every week on our Insider Message Board at FightinGators.com. Come check out his answers to the following questions and more on our premium board.

Higdon gives his thoughts to these questions on Florida recruiting and a few more in what is a weekly happening on FightinGators.com at this link:

Chat Intro and Recruting Q and A

Any good news on the way for the Gators?

Anything new on Jalen Ramsey? How do you feel about Marcell Harris?

Is Josh Mercer still on the board?

Do you have any information on Treadwell and a possible visit? Is it looking like it will only be an OV for now?

What is the OL recruiting plan moving forward? We need talent and depth along the line and the board seems pretty small at the point.

Has the staff or will the staff consider recruiting Jalen Ramsey as a WR since we so obviously need help there? Does the kid want to even play WR or is he a Corner all the way at the next level?

Are we looking at any DL that might be able to play OL much like Leon Orr when he was being recruited?

Fill in the rest: The current WR board is pretty much just Treadwell, Bailey, and....? Also, are you able to expound on the reason we are not pursuing Tony Stevens?

I'm getting the feeling that we're about to see an explosion in recruiting for the good guys. Am I way off base?

Muschamp et al made a tremendous mistake in re their RB recruiting a year ago. It's repercussion will be felt all year on offense. Please tell me that the staff won't make another rookie mistake by not having enough QUALITY offensive lineman in this class?

If we finish off the class with Tunsil, Denson, Treadwell, Walker, Harris, Bailey, Anzalone and Ramsey, will Ahern, Strobe and Bullis be happy?

Demarcus Walker prediction?

The de-commits seem a bit disconcerting-but I am going to assume (yes I know) that we have a plan and that these de-commits come as no surprise to you- where does this leave our OL board?

We have had some de-commits and guys being asked to leave the team by the coaches. Can you please tell us if the coaches already have replacements for the guys that are no longer in the class? How many do you see us signing in this class?

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