Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q & A

Florida head coach Will Muschamp spoke to the national media on Wednesday via the SEC coaches' teleconference. The variety of questions ranged from the starting quarterback at Florida to position players and on to asking about the upcoming opponent Bowling Green. Here it is transcribed for you.

Question: Can you talk about Frankie Hammond as a leader?

Frankie has great experience at Florida and played lot of football for us. He dove into the playbook and learned what to do at multiple positions. He has been a great example for multiple receivers. It isn't just about what you do on the football field, it is about meeting rooms and stuff you don off the field. That is what Frankie has done since my time at Florida. He is a guy I am really ready to see his senior year. Q. How surprised are you to see how Latroy Pittman has done in his first year?

He is a guy that came in here and really learned the playbook. He has dedicated himself from the spring. He was at a single position and now we have moved him around and he has to continue to progress. . In most of my experiences freshmen hit a wall and he may have hit a wall there at the end. He has come back through it and we have narrowed some things down for him as we game plan. I think I is very big for these guys to have the opportunity to go through the spring and 15 practices. The game slows down for them in August as they have worked through the playbook.

Q. Talk about concerns about Bowling Green?

The quarterback is a three year starter and threw for over 3000 yards. If the quarterback gets a hot hand it can be a long day. They don't have one returning receiver, so they have some guys they lost and have a transfer from Michigan. They will spread the field and do some things. They will do some one back things but also two backs with Samuel and Pettigrew. They do a nice job offensively.

Defensively they have 10 starters back they have played in big environments before. They do a nice job ion their three down looks and can give you some issues from a protection standpoint. They have 13 kids from the state of Florida and will be very excited to come back here and play. We have had really good preparation pointing toward this game and I think our guys are excited to play.

Q. What do you think Texas A&M now starting their season against Florida?

I haven't really thought a lot about it I have been totally focused on Bowling Green. You can look at it a thousand different ways.

Q. Have you made a decision on who will start at quarterback? Not really we still have one more day to practice and then tomorrow. Both guys deserve the right to start and play and as we work through this game and get into halftime and figure out where we are, we will move forward.

Q. Would you rather tell them right before or a few days before in order to process it?

We will give them some time. I am totally confident they are good players and have had great competition. They have made the team, offense, and each other better. They both deserve the right to start and give them both a quarter to see how it goes from there.

Q. Will your recruiting in Texas increase?

We recruit nationally because we can. Academically we have an outstanding school and our brand is pretty [prominent. We will recruit guys if we have connections to the state of Florida. Most of the young men in Texas want to be Aggies or Longhorns or the other schools in the state. Will that change over time with Texas A&M in the conference? It could, but I think it will help the western schools. I do think it will open them up to exposure in the southeast. I always get concerned when a young man has to fly over a bunch of big schools to come to yours.

Q. How much is it on the high school coach to make kids accountable for their commitment?

I don't think you can hold a high school coach responsible for that. The young man is raised by his family and there are other people guiding them through the process. It is a two way street and I have a hard time holding a high school coach responsible for the decision or changing his mind.

Q. Why do you think it is happening more?

Because it is earlier. In a lot of situations a young man walks on campus and he sees it and thinks it is the place he wants to be. Then a coach calls from other schools and want them to visit the other place. They visit and realize we all have really good facilities. They commit early and don't realize things like the depth chart, coaching changes and different things that happen. All of a sudden they are asking themselves, ‘what have I done?' You are going to contiunue to see this, it won't stop. The process is moving so early that it will happen and the earlier it gets the more you will see.

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