UF offense praises the defense

There's no questioning that the Gators are up against a lot come Saturday's opener. The disappointment of last season. A new offensive strategy. Two quarterbacks splitting the spotlight. But Wednesday, offensive players unveiled it's what they've been up against in practice that's shining.

"I've known for a couple years now how good our defense is," starting right tackle Chaz Green said. "It makes us (as an offense) better in practice, so we like having a good defense to go against every day."

Green said he has been going up against defensive end Dominique Easley when the Gators slip on their practice pads. Easley nabbed preseason honors as a name inked on the 2012 Ted Hendricks Award Watch List.

"There's not one thing you can key in on," Green said of Easley's skills on the field. "He's not a strength guy, a speed guy – he's all of that in one. You can't look at him and say, ‘This guy I'm going to do this to.' He can hit you with anything."

Because of this, Green said he has had to be sharp with his own technique.

Sophomore fullback Hunter Joyer also weighed in on the impressive performance of the defense in practice.

"They're looking great," he said. "I think they'll be one of the top defenses in college football this year, to be honest."

However, for the Gators to rock the league this season, it'll obviously have to be a collective effort. Green said this season, Florida needs everybody.

"We have to get back to what we can be – what we should be," he said.

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