Driskel Gets to Finish Game One

As the first snap of the season broke Saturday, both Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel took starting positions on The Swamp's stage. But at the end of Florida's 27-14 win over Bowling Green, only one set of the quarterback contender's cleats remained on the playing field.

"They told us yesterday we were both going to be on the field the first play," Driskel said. "After that, I was going to take the first quarter and Jacoby would take the second quarter and (we'd) go from there."

Per the plan, the Gators kicked off the first drive of the season with Jacoby Brissett under center while Jeff Driskel took up the second snap to round it out. The two sophomores shared reps at the quarterback slot through the second quarter, but it was Driskel who secured the coveted spot from the third quarter onward.

"I felt like Jacoby did a good job -- there wasn't anything he wasn't doing," Coach Will Muschamp said. "I felt like the rhythm of the game dictated we needed some pocket movement. I felt like Jeff gave us that better opportunity to work into the third quarter."

The Gators clutched a 14-0 advantage over the Falcons going into halftime, but failed to hang on to the lead in the third quarter. BGSU crept back into the game by bringing the matchup to 14 all with their first drive of the third.

Driskel was eventually able to chug the orange and blue to their first victory of the season, complimented with a 50-yard touchdown to Frankie Hammond in the fourth, which, paired with Caleb Sturgis' field goal, perched the Gators up at their final score of 27-14.

Despite Driskel's bright spots in the game including his pass to Hammond, he said he wasn't flawless.

"There was definitely a couple plays I could have hit," Driskel said.

The sophomore pointed out the middle pass he threw a little behind Trey Burton in the third quarter causing the drive to end. He said he wish he could have that play back.

"I think I played alright," he said. "I played enough to win."

Driskel rounded out the opener finishing 10-of-16 passing for 114 yards compared to Brissett's 3-of-5 passing for 31 yards.

Despite Saturday's clear favorite at quarterback, Muschamp maintains he has not chosen a starter for the quarterback slot just yet.

"I haven't made any decisions," he said.

Driskel also brushed off questions of his possible position as the new starter for Florida.

"I'm not worried about that right now," he said. "The goal was to get a win and that's what we came out with."

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