Bostic Prepared for SEC Road Game

There is little doubt that Kyle field in College Station, Texas is going to be one of the loudest places on the planet on Saturday. The Texas A&M Aggies will be playing their first game as a member of the nation's best football conference and the natives have been chomping at the bit for this game for quite some time. Florida middle linebacker Jon Bostic understands the situation.

For Jon Bostic and company, playing in front of loud audiences is nothing new. It is never easy to go on the road in the SEC and a huge reason for that is the 90,000 or so fans that greet you on each and every snap making it difficult to think, much less hear a play call.

"We have heard it will be loud in there," Bostic told the media Monday. "We have played at LSU, Alabama, and Tennessee. We play (in The Swamp) however many weeks in the season. We know it is going to be loud. We just have to be sound on our assignments and make sure everyone knows the signals."

Florida head coach Will Muschamp has coached at Kyle Field before as a member of the University of Texas football staff. He understands what it is like.

"He said it is loud and just like any other SEC stadium," Bostic said of his head coach. Rather than dwell on the novelty that Texas A&M is new to the SEC, the Gators have just pinpointed this game as a conference game and recognize the importance that the game is so early in the season and how much it counts toward the goals of the season.

"It's an SEC game, just like every other SEC game," he said. "Yes they are new to our conference, but it is just another game. We have to start fast to get where we want to get to. "We want to go there, set the tempo, run our plays on defense, and see how it goes from there."

It is a tough early season opponent for Florida and on the road. To top things off, Florida will go into the game a little blind as to what the Aggies will do. Texas A&M had to reschedule the first game of the year because of hurricane Isaac an so the Gator defense isn't exactly sure what new head coach Kevin Sumlin's offense is going to look like on Saturday.

"We have to be sound in our assignments," Bostic said. "The first quarter may be a little rough, but we have to make sure everyone is paying attention and when we get back to the sidelines so when we do make adjustments everyone will get together."

The Aggies will likely bring a fast, no-huddle offense to the table. There will be a lot to think about on Saturday and they will have to think fast.

"A lot of teams do it, but in different variations," Bostic said of the no-huddle. "Every team has a version of the no-huddle offense that they run. At the same time we saw what they did at Houston, they are a fast team. We just have to be ready at all times and get set."

Muschamp was clearly not happy with Saturday's performance against Bowling Green and one of the major issues the Gators faced was all of the penalties. They totaled 14 for 106 yards on the day and hurt both sides of the ball. Bostic said te coaches have done what they can to curb all of the penalties, it is time for the players to take the responsibility for them.

"We have to take that in our own hands," he said. Coach Muschamp, Coach Quinn say things day after day. Once we settled down in the second half (fewer penalties) we started getting the ball back to the offense. It is good to go in there excited and high energy, but at the same time we have to control it and play how we are able to play."

First game jitters weren't a good excuse.

"It is tough, but every first game is tough," Bostic said. "You can only prepare so much for a game, but you still have to shake the rust out."

The penalties have turned into a focus for the leaders of the team and Monday's practice was designated time to really work through those mistakes so they don't happen again.

"We say we want to be a team and there is a certain place we want to be," Bostic said. "It is going to be up to the leaders and one of our main focuses today (Monday). We need to hold each person accountable out there."

Like the upcoming game, the Gators were a little blind as to what Bowling Green was going to do. A year ago they were a drop back passing team with a quarterback that threw it long quite a bit. Saturday the Falcons stuck to a quick passing game and the Gators took a little bit of time to adjust to it.

"We made some changes and in fact had the interception, they played real conservative," Bostic said. "We thought they were going to do some different (things). We felt like we did pretty good holding them down with some pass plays, but there are still a lot of areas we need to improve on.

"We could have played tighter on some coverages, but we didn't expect them to play that conservative. They pretty much ran slant routes the whole game. Not every team plays that way and it kind of hurt our defensive line."

"There were some missed tackles we wished we could have had back. We felt we played good overall as a defense but there were some areas we need to improve on."

Finally, the Gators will have a little more certainty on offense. Muschamp named Jeff Driskel the starting quarterback for the game Saturday and Bostic says the team and defense is behind the move.

"It is a good start for us," Bostic said of naming a quarterback. "Both quarterbacks went in and played last week. Driskel did a great job when he was in and we are in support of whichever way they decided to go. On the defensive side of the ball we are just going to go out there, keep playing hard, and try to get the ball back to the offense."

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