Pease Didn't Feel Handcuffed

Florida head coach Will Muschamp didn't waste time taking the blame after Saturday's win over Bowling Green. He admitted to being stubborn and handcuffing first-year offensive coordinator Brent Pease from opening up the offense. He wanted to focus on the run game. On Tuesday, Pease downplayed being handcuffed, but he understood heading into the game that Muschamp wanted to pound the ball.

"I know what Will wanted to do," Brent Pease said on Tuesday afternoon. "There was a few times where I stayed with it and there was a couple times I didn't. I knew what the plan was going in, and I knew what we were trying to develop still.

"I probably got a little hardheaded in putting the kids in those situations because I knew maybe if it doesn't work once or twice, go back to it because I believe in the guys."

The run-heavy game plan wouldn't have drawn as much criticism if the Gators were able to execute better on short yardage plays. Florida was successful on just one of its eight opportunities for 3rd and 2 or shorter. That high number of short yardage situations was something that took Pease by surprise, and he wants the offense to focus on correcting the issues this week.

Even when the offense is more open and the passing game becomes a bigger part of it, Pease wants Muschamp to have confidence in calling for a short yardage play when the Gators need to execute.

"I want us to be good at it because I want Will to be able to come to us with confidence to go for it on fourth-and-one if we don't get it on third down, that our guys understand, ‘Hey has confidence in us. Now it's time to convert.' I kept pushing because I knew one of them would pop," Pease said.

Pease was careful with his answers to the questions because he didn't want to seem unhappy with the situations that he was put in. Muschamp already took the blame for what he created, but Pease didn't point a negative finger at the head coach publicly.

"I'm not doing anything that I don't feel comfortable with, because if I was doing something I wasn't comfortable with, I wouldn't have come here," Pease said.

RECEIVER TIDBITS: Muschamp said on Monday that Loucheiz Purifoy would get more time at wide receiver because he brings elite speed and ball skills to the position. After starting at cornerback on Saturday, Purifoy was at receiver for a few reps on offense.

It would seem like a negative toward the receivers on the team that they weren't getting the job done, but Pease said that wasn't the case.

"It's not an indictment on anyone," he said. "We've done it everywhere I've been. We took the fastest kid and tried to use his strengths. He's a very talented kid. They're always eager to do it. You've got a chance to catch a ball, it's fun, they're into it. We'll always use the ability to have him do some things for us."

As Purifoy got increased time at receiver, Andre Debose wasn't on the field as much as he was during the 2011 season. He was deep for punt and kickoff returns to use his speed there, but it still hasn't clicked for Debose as a receiver.

Pease has seen some improvement from him, but the level of trust still isn't where it needs to be.

"He's getting better," Pease said. "It's tough to put a kid sometimes—you've got to be able to trust him and make sure they're accountable. He's getting there. He's definitely got the abilities and we've got to incorporate him in some things."

PEASE APOLOGIZES: The ESPN cameras caught Pease frustrated and letting the expletives fly during Saturday's broadcast. He apologized for it on Tuesday, even saying that he heard more about it from his mom than anyone else.

"That's a little bit how I am," Pease said. "I am a typical guy that is competitive. I think everything's going to work. It's nothing personal against kids. I probably got a little potty mouth some time. I apologize for that."

"My mother said to be careful and I need to watch my mouth. I had my mouth washed out with soap when I was like 9. It's not going to happen now."

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