Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q & A

Every Wednesday the SEC head coaches are part of a conference wide teleconference. The national media join in and ask questions. Will Muschamp has a lot of questions to answer about his own team and his opponent this week as the Gators head to College Station, Texas to take on Texas A&M. Here are the questions and answers from Wednesday.

Q. How far do you have to go from first game to be ready for SEC play?
There are some things we need to tie up and do a little better. Attention to detail is something I entrusted and some things we covered previous to the game and we worked on that. Mission accomplished as far as winning the game and number two we needed to run the ball. They knew we were going to run it. There were situations we were good at it, but in short yardage we needed to do a better job. I got out of that game what I wanted from a tempo point offensively and how we wanted to approach the game and we will obviously branch out as we move through the season.

Q. Driskel as the starter, is there anything different from him?
Jeff is a guy that is competitive and a leader. He is natural innate leadership ability. I don't notice anything different with either one. Both are competitors and work hard, they came out to practice Monday and Tuesday and did good.

Q. Any disadvantage without having film from Texas A&M not playing last week?
I was hoping Kevin was going to send me a couple of reels of practice but he hasn't. They are successful at Houston for a reason. They do a very good job offensively. They rep what they rep. They are really good coaches. They have some talent. This offense was a top ten offense last year. They aren't struggling for talent, let me assure you of that.

You guess a little bit on (defensive coordinator) Mark Snyder defensively and what he's going to do with his experiences from South Florida and Marshall. Where will he draw from based on their players? At the end of the day the coaches will do what they feel comfortable with and that is what we have to go with.

Q. Did you go back to high school to watch film of Aggie freshman starting quarterback Johnny Manziel?
I met Johnny coming out of high school. He was an outstanding player. He was committed to Oregon in his junior year and ended up flipping. We thought the world of Johnny as far as a football player is concerned.

Q. comfortable with the corners, is that an advantage with a team like this?
There is no question. We will be in some situations where we will have six DB's on the field. Especially with the high tempo offense, they will be on the ball snapping and it will be hot. We will have to roll in a bunch of players and Jeremy Brown will be back and playing for us this week.

Jeremy Brown was moving around well for us yesterday, so he will play in the game.

Q. Can you say what went wrong with the blocked field goal last week?
We were late on the last operation. It was a little of both, protection and operation.

How important is it that the receivers play well around the quarterback?

You have to play well around the position. The quarterbacks gets too much credit when things go well and to much blame when things don't. The running game is going to help, protecting, and blocking. Dropping back and completing the simple hitch by getting the ball out there on time and giving the receiver the opportunity to make something happen.

Frankie is a guy that I think a lot of from a consistency standpoint and the job he's done. From him to make that play, we haven't had a lot of those in the two years I have been here. So, form a simple or slant and break a tackle or two and take it the distance. That was very pleasing to see.

Q. Does your time at Texas help you with coaching against the ‘Air Raid' offense?
It's a little different off-shoot, but part of the same family. They are similar in concepts of what they do and how they install and method behind the madness from what they are, but I think everyone is a little different.

They did a great job and put up some unbelievable numbers at Houston. There isn't a lot of what they do but they do it extremely well,. That is one of the trademarks of this offense.

My experience (going against the offense, sure. It helps from the standpoint of understanding the tempo and the route concepts that they like to get to based on a single high or split safety leverage in the seams. Yes it helps, but at the end of the day the players have to play the game.

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